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A computer network, by definition, is a collection of computer systems and other hardware device interconnected for the determination of sharing the resource. Networks are usually identified based on their features. Availing professional computer network homework help is the best way to enhance your grades. If you choose to write a technical essay on computer network, you want to implement several technical realities in your essay. However, how do you get hold of useful information? The answer is computer network homework help offered by us.

Computer network also includes the concept of TCP/IP protocol, network layers problem solution, etc. Computer networks include several difficult topics which consume more time to understand. Computer network homework help is a significant requirement for all students. If students face problems to prepare their assignments, they take help of our experts through CallTutors. Our experts provide help with socket programming concepts. These concepts also play an essential role in a computer network. Our experts also provide data communication assignment help.

A computer network is a cable channel in which we can stake data with several other devices or computer, associated with the similar network. The finest example of a computer network is the Internet. Computer network does not mean a system with one Control Unit connected to multiple other systems as its slave.

Computer network also diverge in their project method. The two simple procedures of network enterprise called peer-to-peer and client/server. Client-server network features central server processors that store Web pages, email, applications and files retrieved through client processers and other customer devices. On a peer-to-peer network, equally, all strategies tends to sustain the similar tasks. A client-server network is common in peer-to-peer and business networks more mutual in homes. Computer network also differs in their strategic method.

The two basic procedures of network strategy are peer-to-peer and client/server. Client-server network features central server computer that collects Web pages, email, files and presentations edited through client processers and client's strategies.

While other kinds of networks maintained and developed through engineers, home systems belong to normal homeowner, individuals often with no technical experience. Several manufacturers yield broadband router hardware intended to determine home network setup. The admiration of computer network suddenly improved with the development of the World Wide Web (WWW) in the 1990s. Public Web sites, peer to peer (P2P) file sharing systems, and various other services run on Internet servers across the world.

TCP/IP Protocol

Transmission Control Protocol and internet protocolare two different computer network protocols. A protocol is a collection of rules and procedures. When two processers follow the similar protocols and rules, they can recognize each other and exchange their data. TCP and IP are so frequently used calm, however, that TCP/IP has become standard term for mentioning this set of protocols.

Communications among computers is done over protocol suit. The most extensively used and available protocol's suite is TCP/IP suite. A protocol suit contains a layered design where every layer depict some functionalities, carried out through a protocol. Every layer has more than one protocol routes to carry out the tasks that the layer adheres to. TCP/IP is usually considered to be a 4 layer system given below:

  1. Application layer
  2. Transport layer
  3. Network layer
  4. Data link layer

Transmission Control Protocol divides a message or file into packets that are transmitted over the internet and then reassembled when they reach their destination. Internet Protocol becomes very helpful to provide right destination to all packets. The functionality of TCP/IP protocol divided into four categories or layers,

  • TheDatalinklayer contains several protocols and methods that operate simply on a connection, i.e. system component that interconnect hosts in the present network.
  • TheNetworkingor Internetlayer connect the independent network to send the packets includes the information or data across system limitations. Protocols are ICMP and IP.
  • TheTransportlayer manages communication among hosts and is liable for flow control, multiplexing and reliability. Protocols comprise UDP and TCP.
  • TheApplicationlayer systematizes data transfer for requests. Protocol comprise FTP, POP3, HTTP, SNMP, and

Data Communication

Data communication is a process through which two users can exchange their data or information. A computer network is a telecommunication network that enables several computers to transfer their information or data. The physical link among networked computing device established using either wireless or cable media. The best-known computer network is the Internet.

A data communication method may assemble data or information from a remote location through information or data transmission's circuits, and then output the processed result to a remote location. The data communication method which is currently in widespread use progressed gradually either to improve the communication technique already present or to change the same with better features and options. There are data communication terminologies to contend with such as modems, baud rate, routers, WAN, LAN, TCP/IP and ISDN, during the selection of communication system. Hence, it becomes essential to understand these relationships and gradual progress of data communication techniques.In that case, students take help of our experts to understand all the terms of data communication. Our experts provide data communication assignment help. The efficiency of a data communication includes three major characteristics:

  • Delivery: The system delivers data or information to the correct destination. The intended user or device receives that specific data.
  • Accuracy: The system must deliver data accurately.
  • Timeliness: The data or information transfer promptly. In the case of audio, video, and voice data, timely distribution means delivering specific data as they produced, in the same order that they produced, without significant interruption.

Socket Programming

A socket is the fundamental technology of computer network programming. Socket allows network application to interconnect with the help of standard mechanism built into the network operating and hardware systems. A socket represents a single connection between exactly two sections of the software. Several pieces of software can interact with distributed or client/server systems by sockets. For example, various Web browsers can instantaneously interact or communicate through a set of socket made on the server.

Socket-based softwares usually executes on two distinct processers on the network, but socket used to interconnect locally on a particular system. Sockets provides an interface for programming network at the transport layer. Socket programming in network statement is similar to file I/O. The stream used in file I/O operations related to socket-based I/O. Socket programming is also very difficult to understand and implement. If students face problems during assignments, they get the help of our experts through CallTutors. Our experts provide Help with socket programming. Our experts work 24X7 hours continuously to help several students.

A Computer Network is an interaction of two or more Computers over a medium for exchanging data or information communication. It is also known as Data Network where the user can easily receive and send data to or from a Computing system. These computing systems may be PC's, Mainframes and Workstations connected to modems, Printers, CD/DVD ROM and several other peripherals for sharing resource over the present network. Computer systems connected with each other through several networking strategies like bridges, routers, cables, gateways, Satellites and several others.

The Internet is the best example of Computer network that helps you to exchange data among two or more Computers over a network. A computer network is a network in which several systems connected with each other to share various types of information or data. Computer network becomes very useful in several ways for communication over a network through email, sharing Hardware resource for scanning or printing a document, sharing data and files on a storage device. There are several hardware setups required for Computer network like network cables, routers, distributors, external and internal network cards.

However, the main phase of every Computer network is Protocols and service, whereas services gain by several service providers and Protocols are the ordinary set of guidelines for data communication. Students take the assistance of our experts for Computer network homework help through CallTutors. Our experts are always ready to assist all those students who require expert's help to prepare their assignments. Our expert also provides Network layers problem solution.

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