A legal system often indicates what is important to those who made the laws



A 600-word essay that supports your statements by specific reference to relevant sections of the document. Submit your paper as an attachment in MS Word format 


  • Length: At least 600 words.
  • MLA Format(See a sample MLA-formatted essay)
  • Citations: Your essay must include a works cited the page in MLA format with complete citations for each source you used. These sources must also be cited in the body of your paper in parenthetical references.
  • Essay Structure: Your essay should have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement as the last sentence in the paragraph, several well-organized supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph that sums up the main points of your paper and demonstrates to your reader that the thesis has been proven.
  • Quotations: Be sure that any and all text you have copied directly from a source is in quotation marks and is followed by a parenthetical reference. When you have paraphrased from a source, you must also use a parenthetical reference. Please limit your quoted material to 15% of the total word count of the paper. This means that the other 85% of your paper needs to be paraphrased from your sources or your own critical analysis.
  • A legal system often indicates what is important to those who made the laws. It can show us what society and culture in the past was like. Research some historical documents related to ancient laws—What appears to be of major concern in the set of laws you read? Would you say the laws were equal for all social classes? Did women have legal rights? Feel free to include a comparison of the different documents you found.

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