A new integrated marketing communication.



A new integrated marketing communication to a client who is either a marketer or a producer of that product.

Discuss their current marketing mix and the communication channels used.T
Include the following:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the existing marketing mix (elements of the 4 Ps).
  2. Recommend a new marketing mix strategy based on any weakness(es) you discovered.
  3. Examine the company's current positioning strategy.
  4. Determine whether or not to change that strategy.
  5. Identify any considerations to be used when building or maintaining the brand or customer loyalty.
  6. Evaluate the target audience's use of and belief in the distribution channels and/or communication channels used.

The first half is to complete a 12 slide presentation with speaker notes (used as a script for the presentation)

The second part

Design a storyboard or print ad feature the product with the new marketing mix. It should be 5-8 slides (story boards only)

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