A Research Report: Microsoft HoloLens



The final product will consist of an 8- to 10-page report or proposal on a technical or business topic from the approved list in Doc Sharing or your own topic with approval from your instructor. The final document includes the following.

The topic is the Microsoft HoloLens

  • Title page (one page)
  • Cover letter (one page, one or two paragraphs, single spaced)
  • Table of contents including list of illustrations (one page)
  • Executive summary (one page, two or three paragraphs, single spaced)
  • Body of report or proposal using the following required sections.
  • Introduction
  • Discussion sections
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Six research sources provided on APA formatted References page (one page). All references included on the Reference page must be cited in-text.
  • Technical Illustration or visual such as a chart, graph, or image that you have created or have located via academic research. This should be incorporate within the main body of the report and be mentioned in-text.
  • Formatting Elements (discussed in Chapter 5 in the textbook).
  • Single spacing (or 1.15), double spacing between sections and/or paragraphs
  • 12-point font size for main body of writing
  • Arial, Calibri, Cambria, or Times New Roman font type
  • Use of headings and subheadings when appropriate
  • Paragraph length of approximately five to seven sentences
  • Standard 1” margins
  • Ragged right justification

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