Alice's Restaurant

general article writing


Listen to Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie:

Write a paper ( minimum 1 page, maximum 1.5 page, not counting the cover or the bibliography).

This paper must discuss the context of the song, and the message that Guthrie is trying to convey. Please note that this song is not about littering. It is not about Alice either.

You are encouraged to discuss the meaning of this song with your parents, or your grandparents, or other people. Otherwise, you can find resources online but please do not use Wikipedia. If you do find information from a conversation with someone, include that in your references: Personal conversation with ..., Oct. 25, 2016).

You will be awarded 13 points for your interpretation of the song (meaning, context, central issues). You will be awarded 2 points for the quality of your writing (use of paragraphs, sentence structure, and spelling) as well as appropriate citations. 

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