Alternatives to Incarceration



Compose an essay of 500-700 words that examines the importance of alternatives to incarceration as a means of controlling prison populations. As part of your response discuss the impact that alternative programs have had on the administration of correctional agencies from the perspective of both prisons and community programs. APA format.\Prisons are found in each nation of the world. Policy makers and executives may in this

manner come to regard them as a given and not attempt effectively to discover alternative

options to them. However, detainment should not be underestimated as the natural form of

punishment. In numerous nations, the use of detainment as a form of punishment is relatively

recent. It might be alien to local culture customs that for centuries have depended on alternative

ways for dealing crime. Further, detainment has been appeared to be counterproductive in the

rehabilitation and reintegration of those charged with minor offenses, and additionally for certain

vulnerable populaces.

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