An article report on disability

general article writing


I need an article report on disability? Like a sample report based on which I can write. This is the first article report that I am writing.

you will need to select an article of your choosing (online, newspaper, periodical) based
on the topic/chapter you sign up for. You need to choose an article that covers any one 
topic that is discussed in the chapter that you sign up for. (There will be many different 
topics within each chapter to choose from when selecting your article.) The article you 
choose must have been published within the last five years. You will need to type a two 
page double spaced, 12 point font, review of your article, with one inch margins and 
a title page. 
The paper will need to include the following criteria: 

1.) A summary of the article 
2.) The key points discussed in the article 
3.) How the article is related to or is an appropriate choice for the chapter we are
4.) Why you chose the particular article? 
5.) If you agree/ disagree with the points or opinions in the article and any other related
thoughts you have. 

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