Art in Social Commentary

social sciences


Choose a piece of art you feel addresses a topic of social commentary. Research the piece and write a 1-2 page descriptive essay outlining the details of the artwork. Make sure to use quotation marks for direct quotes and include an additional page of citations. (If you are unsure of what citations are, visit the Writing Center in Kent Library for assistance).  Include the following information, not necessarily in this order

1 Where you discovered the piece and why it caught your eye.

2 What topic of social commentary is it addressing and what stance is being taken? Do you agree with the stance?

3 What artist created the piece, what media is used (the materials used to create it- paint on canvas, welded steel, digital applications, etc)

4 Where the piece is located now and any impact is has on its current audience/community.

5 Any relevant quotes or explanations given by the artist who created it.

6 Any other information regarding the topic of social commentary and how the piece of art you have chosen further engages dialogue on that topic. 

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