Earth's climate change system




-Syria, Iraq, Islamic State/ISIS/Terrorism

-Refugee/Migrant Crisis


-Global Financial Crisis (2008)/Inequality

-Brexit/The Euro/European Union

-Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton (American Presidential Election 2016)

-Climate Change

-China and Spratly Islands dispute

-Colombia and FARC

-Apple, Ireland and Tax Avoidance

First provide an empirical description of the parameters of the crisis. Next, identify the major actors and interests that are involved directly in the crisis. Next, assign blame or responsibility, or general factors that are causing the crisis. Finally, provide predictions or recommendations for solving the crisis.

(1) Description of the Crisis (General background and history, statistics, dimensions of the crisis)

(2) Actors and Interests (Countries, Individuals , Politicians, Corporations)

(3) Responsibility for the Crisis (assign blame for who or what global trends are at fault)

(4) Predictions/Recommendations (provide a prediction for what will happen next, or generate ideas on how to provide resolution to the crisis)

3-4 pages (approx. 1,000 -1,500 words) + Bibliography, Citations.

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