Epidemiological Study Designs assignment



Epidemiological Study Designs

Understanding the differences among the types of epidemiological study designs is important for translating the results to public health practice. For this paper, you will identify and design epidemiological research studies. To prepare, review the Resources about epidemiologic study designs. Then, locate an epidemiological research article on a health outcome of your choice that uses one of the study designs you researched.

-Present a summary of the research article that clearly identifies the type of epidemiological study design and the elements of the design that support your conclusion.

-Then, propose a different type of epidemiologic study design to investigate the same health outcome. For example, if your original study was a case-control study, discuss how you could use a cross-sectional or cohort design to study that health outcome.

-Describe who the participants would be in your proposed study design and how you would measure the exposure and outcome variables. Include in your discussion an assessment of whether your proposed study design is stronger or more limited than the original design and why.

-Finally, pose a question to your peers about epidemiologic study designs based on your post.

Please no vague responses address each question with a subject heading and free of plagiarism add references APA format. Finally, please make sure percent similarity is low from previously submitted papers by other students using apps like Turnitin. 

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