IT Strategies



I want the answers for the 3 strategies 9 tactics and 27 projects for tootsie company. if you help me out I appreciate.  below are the details

  • Define three (3) Key strategies for the next year–Relate the strategies back to the company i.e. 5% growth is the strategy, what does that mean in actual dollar growth
  • For each strategy, define a minimum of three (3) tactics–Relate each tactic back to the strategy, how does it impact the strategy
  • For each tactic, a minimum of define three (3) IT related activities required to accomplish the tactics–For each IT-related project, students must determine a rough order of magnitude  (ROM) of the cost of the project, both IT and other supporting departments
  • Relate the IT-related projects back to the overall strategy of the company
  • DetermineROM for each IT related Project
  • Determine the criteria selection and prioritizing of each of the IT-related projects
  • Develop a matrix of the projects–List selection criteria
  • IdentifyWeighting Factors
  • Explaining detail the decision process used to prioritize projects
  • Makesure you “close the loop” and compare selected projects to reaching thestrategy of the company 

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