Loyalty in Business




To all the employees and shareholders such as creditors as well as the creditors, the

company expects us to be loyal and treat the information of the company with the confidentiality

it deserves. Integral duty concerning the success of 32- Entertainment Company is the

importance we attach to the protection of the confidential information of the company (Zhu, Yin,

Liu, & Lai, 2014). We as the company will never try to disclose the confidential information as

well as the non-public information without any valid business purpose and proper consent. As

we as know that 32-Entertainment business company is a high profile company not only in US

but also in other nations, in most instances the employees are approached by news reporters or

other member of the media on certain issues in the company. Aityan and Gupta (2012) insist that

for an assurance of one voice within a company, they must only provide accurate information

about the company and the questions of less surety are to be directed to the management.

Besides, no one is allowed to issue a press release without consulting the executives in the public

relation department or the managers

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