Management Information System



Course: Management Information System

1.. With the aid of a diagram, describe the general model system of a firm.

2.. Discuss five measures that could be adopted to ensure this information remains secure.

3.. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making over individual decision making.

4.. You have been recruited as the Management Information Systems manager for a life insurance company where the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has concern: with the introduction of a new network, there has been a steady growth in the number of end user systems and the CEO feels that some guidance is essential. Write a memorandum to discuss the prerequisites of successful end-user computing and comment on how the success of such systems could be measured.

5.. A firm of solicitors wishes to develop an expert system for use by its customers. Competing firms of solicitors only provide telephone or face-to-face advice. The solicitors would be responsible for entering the knowledge data and for answering any queries beyond the scope of the new expert system. The firm broadly agrees with this approach but is concerned that its reputation could suffer if the expert system gives the wrong advice. As an independent consultant brought in to advise the firm of solicitors describe expert systems and explain how such systems could be implemented.

6.. What are the characteristics of MIS? How do MIS differ from TPS?

7.. Discuss the common strategies Ghanaian organizations can use to compete the market.

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