Research proposal letter on (Medical Research)



Writing Assignment: Research Proposal Letter

For this assignment, you will write your research proposal letter. You are required to submit

only your final draft for this assignment (though we encourage all students to take advantage of

the additional feedback a draft can provide). Use the grader’s feedback and the rubric to make

revisions to your draft before submitting the final. Your second draft will be graded.

This research proposal letter will be directed to an audience who can create change

(Congressperson, business administrators, or other similar audience.) In the proposal, you

need to suggest a change or a solution to a current problem. As you have already chosen a

topic for your research proposal letter in Topic 6 and conducted an interview that will

become one of your sources for this letter, you do not need to choose a topic. You must use

the same topic that you began researching in Topic 6, and you must use your interview as a


Your research proposal should be presented in a letter format including the following


  •  Your mailing address (Note: For privacy reasons, you may opt to not disclose your

mailing address when you submit your letter to our graders for review; however,

should you choose to mail your letter to your chosen recipient, you will need to

include your mailing address, as this is a customary business letter practice.) Note

that a formal letter does not require your name in the header. Your name will go at

the end, with your closing.

  • The date you wrote the letter
  •  A name and mailing address for the individual to whom you are writing the letter
  •  A greeting or salutation
  •  A closing and your typed name (Note: A written signature is optional for your

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