Smart Mobility Assignment

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You are required to write a scholarly academic article based critical engagement with a chosen topic;

Mobility plays a critical role in the way we live. Our food, clothes and household waste all need to be transported, contributing to our economy and quality of life. Movement of people from one location to another without traffic stress is critical to ensure the quality of life to the people living in the city. But the increasing use of planes, cars and other fossil-fuel dependent modes of mobility are causing more pollution, putting at risk our environment and health. It can also be noted that the traffic accidents are affecting the society indicating the need for smarter mobility. Cleaner and smarter mobility/ transport can actually meet Oman’s need for mobility and at the same time deliver many public health benefits, including cleaner air, fewer accidents, less congestion and less noise pollution. Carbon-dependent transport sector can be turned into a clean and smart mobility system.

The purpose of the task is to understand the significance of Smart Mobility, and explore their connection with IS-IT strategy. Write a research article critically analysing IS/IT strategy frameworks/models. Investigate the nature of IS/IT strategies that successful firms/cities undertake.

You are required to focus on :

((Mobitity as servise ))


You should prepare an assignment of approximately approx. 1700 words words in length excluding appendices and references, but is not restricted to, the following.

1. approach to the problem and research questions, objectives

2. theoretical framework; rigor of literature review

3. methods or empirical analysis techniques, used data sources

4.key findings and conclusions

5. the importance of the research from the theoretical or empirical point of view

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