Statistical Analysis of Alberta



Please choose Alberta when you are doing the Statistics.
What is the total population of the city? (2 points)

Using means (averages), frequencies (number of people), and percentages provided by Statistics Canada describe: (8 points)

  • The population of the city in terms of age, income, education, ethnic background, marital status, occupation, and housing
  • The demographic characteristics of the entire Canadian population
  • The most significant thing you learned from this exercise

Review all of the information provided on the Statistics Canada website. For marketers seeking to develop market segment profiles or marketing strategy, what are four advantages and four disadvantages of using this data, from a marketing perspective? (10 points)
Statistics Canada is a key source of secondary data in Canada, particularly for basic demographic information on Canadian cities and regions. Using both Statistics Canada data ( and any other data you can find on the Internet, develop a report on a Canadian city of your choice that answers these questions:

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