Supervision Assignment



According to "supervision " 13th Edition (the name of the book)

Written Paper Grading Rubric

Introduction: Set the scene for paper and highlights what the paper will cover: 


Define supervision, management, and leadership mean with supporting citations.

Describe practical experiences (i.e. management, leadership, and/or supervision)

Highlight primary learnings and how it will add value to your current and future positions (cite and reference your textbook).

State what you wish to accomplish with your degree (education) – career goals and what have you learned from this course that will help you in you achieve your goals and build a successful career.

Provide a strategy and what you will do to reach your goals.

Research a tool, website, or book you will review next to continue your professional and personal development and why you selected these resources. Please provide one resource for professional and one for personal or one that helps both professionally and personally in your development.  Explain if the resource relates to effective supervision, management, and/or leadership (it could relate to all three).

Conclusion: Write a summary of the paper and what is at least one thing you will change about yourself to be a more effective supervisor.  ___/5 points

The paper is to be double-spaced 6 pages in length not including the title page or referenced list. Paper must adhere to APA Style. Grammar, spelling, and style are important and grade will reflect it.

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