Terrorism Event Research Project



Terrorism Event Research Project:


This project requires you to answer when, who, where, what how (tactic employed), what definition, and the specific and broad type of terrorism related to any terrorist event that has occurred anywhere in the world from "14 days prior to the start of the course" to "one week prior to your assignment being due at the end of week seven." Events outside (before or after) this specific time/date period will receive a zero. The final section, where most points can be earned, requires you to identify and explain security and counter-terrorism measures in relation to your selected type of terrorism. Each section should be concise/brief or provides specific word/page length requirements.


Mandatory Protect Format (sequence and specific bold headings). Full APA research paper format (less abstract) is required:

When: (date)
Tactic Employed: (hijacking, bombing, kidnapping, assassination, etc.) Be specific and concise.
Formal/Major Terrorism Definition Used to Label this Event as a Terrorist Act: (FBI, UN, EU, etc.) Ensure you include an in-text citation here for the source of your definition (referenced at the end of the project). Explain specifically how your event appropriately fits this definition. Be specific and concise.
International or Domestic Terrorism: (“in “no more than 100 words,” explain why this event is either international or domestic terrorism – “or” can be argued as both broad types of terrorism)
Helpful APA Notes: Ensure you follow APA standards for margins (1"), new paragraph indentation (0.5"), and proper/only double spacing throughout the document.


Who: (terrorist group and/or affiliation)


Where: (city, state, province, country)

What: (“in “no more than 100 words,” relate the incident, but do “not” copy and paste news reports here). Ensure you include an in-text citation here (referenced at the end of the project).


Type of Terrorism: (in “no more than 100 words,” explain the type of terrorism: religious, state, right-wing, left-wing t, biological, chemical, cyber, nuclear - including radiological materials, ecological, narcotic, separatist, or issue oriented)


Security/Counter-terrorism Measures: (describe appropriate security and counter-terrorism measures that could be employed to prevent and/or mitigate further incidents of “of the type of terrorism in this research project,” including - if appropriate for your event, force protection and standard/typical physical, personnel, and procedural security measures and/or strategies - "not only/just" counter-terrorism measures). Sub-sections (with headings throughout "this section") should be used for organizational presentation of your specific measures. To be considered, "each" specific measure must stand out via a heading.


The measures section of your project will constitute 50% of your score. Therefore, the more security and counter-terrorism measures you relate and explain well, the higher your score. Ensure you measures are “concise” and that your explanations of the measures are detailed. This section should be a minimum of four pages and include a minimum of six measures. Those wishing for superior scores should exceed the minimum.


Conclusion: (conclude with a strong wrap of your project)


References: Use a minimum of eight "outside" (non-textbook) credible sources to support your research project. Your final stand-alone page (separate page) will be titled References (top center of page). Recall to adhere to the APA for reference formatting: double space, use a second/third line 0.5” hanging indent, alphabetize, only first initials for first names, etc.


Projects that do not follow the above format will be penalized 10 points.


TIPS to Avoid Loss of Points: Follow all above instructions. All in-text (body) citations used in your project must have a corresponding reference listed on the reference page (and vice versa). Ensure you are writing in the third person foaml required in APA style.Use page numbers per the APA (top right) and double space the entire document (avoid extra spacing between sections, paragraphs, etc. - look closely).


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