The Global Positioning System is a relatively new technology

computer science



  • Position calculation
  • 3 major space segments
  • Levels of service
  • Precision code
  • Receivers
  • Other GPS specifications
  • Satellite frequencies
  • Correcting receiver clocks

The Global Positioning System is a relatively new technology. Originally developed by the United States as a military navigation tool, GPS is no longer used just by the government or aviation science, but is being utilized in a wide variety of applications throughout the world. In this assignment you will be expected to write a short essay about how a GPS system works.

In 300-500 words craft an essay that outlines the basic components of the Global Positioning System. It will also be important to address how these components work together. The list below will give you a few ideas of what could be (but does not have to be) in your essay. Because this is a short essay, and the GPS is a quite complex navigational system, it will be impossible to cover how all the different components of a GPS work.

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