The indirect or the direct method to prepare Statement cash flows



Using this link, answer the below questions:

Responses should be one paragraph each single spaced.  When responding to the questions, you writing must be original and in your own words.  Do not plagiarize.  Annotate the page numbers on the SEC 10K, that you retrieved your data from.  In text citations should be used for this).  Example:  The sky is blue (p. 10).   The length of this document should not exceed 1 page.  Single spaced writing is required.

Question 1. 

Part (A) Does this company use indirect or direct method to prepare its Statement of Cash flows.  (1 paragraph. 5 sentences)

Part (B) What is different about the statement of cash flows if you use the indirect or the direct method, explain both and how they are different. (1 paragraph. 5 sentences)

Question 2:

Part (A) Were their any investments listed on this companies Statement of Cash Flows?  Describe those investments.  (1 paragraph. 5 sentences)

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