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4.3. Value Chain Analysis

Briefly explain the purpose of this section and how it relates to the rest of the internal analysis of the firm. Please do not use the generic value chain model (the original model). Create a customized version for the case company; one that shows the structure of activities in the company’s operations.You may use parallel paths or forks,when mapping the company's activities. Don't limit yourself to a simple line sequence (as in the original value chain model).

4.3.1. Primary Activities

Please identify the primary activities that directly deal with the production of products and services. You can use the Porter’s original value chain model, but you need to customize it to fit the activities of the case company. In a sense, it will no longer be avalue “chain” model. Instead, we can call it an “activity map”.

4.3.2. Support Activities Support activities facilitate the primary activities and are more or less the same across organizations. Porter’s value chain model should give you some idea about what they entail.It is important to create a customized version of the value chain model for this part of your report; one that models the configuration and the sequence of activities of the case company.

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