Case Study on Mastering Massive Databases At Mastercard International

Many organizations are working hard to address the opportunities and storage challenges associated with “big data.” Industry experts estimate that the total volume of data is doubling every 18 months and the vast majority of new data being generated is in business domains. MasterCard International ( is no stranger to wrestling with the issues associated with massive databases. MasterCard has amassed a data warehouse that is more than 100-terabytes in size and company insiders expect that it will growth to more than 1.8 petabytes. The growth of MasterCard’s data warehouse is fueled by a client/server network that, on average, handles 140 million credit card transactions per hour on behalf of more than 25,000 financial institutions [WALL08]. In 2007, MasterCard's worldwide network processed 18.7 billion transactions totaling approximately $2.3 trillion.

MasterCard’s computer facility authorizes, clears, and settles each credit card transaction in real time as a cardholder's credit card is swiped. MasterCard’s bank and business clients expect the system to be fast and accessible. To meet these expectations, MasterCard expects its network to have a response time of 140 milliseconds per transaction (or less). It also has implemented sufficient redundancy and failover systems to be able to promise its customers 99.999 percent network availability. Needless to say, MasterCard customers also expect the transaction processing and data storage systems to be secure View Complete Case Study Here...

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