Case Study on Whole Foods Market

Customers entering a Whole Foods store are greeted with a visual feast: bright red peppers and glossy green avocados in a colorful collage. “Beauty is an important part of pleasure and how we interpret the food experience,” says Whole Foods Market founder and CEO John Mackey. “We seduce the customer with produce.”

  • Analyze and describe the organizational culture that you would say is dominant at Whole Foods Market, and assess if the organizational culture been an effective or non-effective aspect of Whole Foods’ success.
  • Propose and explain at least two strategies that Whole Foods could use to become a participant in global business. Suggest a country into which Whole Foods can enter. Justify your reasoning.
  • Based on the country you feel Whole Foods can enter, compare and contrast the country of your choice with Whole Foods in terms of cultural differences. Evaluate whether the differences could affect Whole Foods’ entrance into that country.
  • Compare and contrast Whole Foods’ philosophy and practices with international business ethics and social responsibility. Evaluate and explain how ethics and social responsibility aid organizational success domestically, internationally, or both.

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