Activities Of Economics

Economics: What Are Important Activities Of Economics, Its Types & Characteristics

In this blog, you will know about some important activities of economics, and about the types of economics activity. And also about its characteristics.

Before learning about the activities of economics, Let’s know about this term in short, what is economics.

What Is Economics?

Economics is a social science that deals with the goods and services production, distribution, and consumption. It is the study of how individuals, businesses, governments, and nations make resource allocation decisions. Economics focuses on human being’s actions, based on the notion that humans act rationally. And seeking the highest amount of benefit or value. The labor and trades study is the economics building blocks. There are many human labor applications. And also there are other different ways to acquire resources, to determine the best outcomes it is the task of economics.

Macroeconomics, which studies about the behaviour of the economy as a whole. And microeconomics, which studies about the behaviour of individual people and organisations. These are the two main branches of economics.

What are Economic Activities or Activities of Economics?

All humans do so many activities on any particular day. Every day, we have jobs to accomplish and other activities to participate in for personal fulfillment and enjoyment. So, we can say that economics activities or activities of economics are those ones that we do to earn a living. All other activities are considered non-economic.

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To identify the economic activities, the other one is they are driven by logic and rationality. For our own self-interest, it is the main reason to perform such activities. 

However, determining the nature of an activity is not always easy one. Like, take an example of a painting. Painting is a non-economic activity if you like it as a pastime as your hobby. But, it becomes an economic activity, if you sell your paintings.

What are the Types of Activities of Economics 

The activities of economics include the production, distribution, and trade. They also involve money, either as a form of payment or as a kind of wealth storage.

In aggregate, economists divide the activities of economics into four sectors.

  • Primary sector: In the primary sector, it covers the businesses which produce the raw material. Natural resources are extracted to generate output.
  • Secondary sector: In the secondary sector, it covers the businesses from the food and beverage to automotive. They generate intermediate and finished goods by using raw resources from the primary sector. The finished products will be consumed by the end user. In addition, intermediate goods must be processed further to create the final product.
  • Tertiary sector: In the tertiary sector, it covers the services like insurance, banking, and trade. Businesses in the tertiary sector provide a wide range of non-information services.
  • Quaternary sector: In the quaternary sector, it covers the businesses that provide information and knowledge. And the technology and information providers. As well as consultancy, communication, and research and development firms, are among them. This sector was classified as tertiary, previously. However, economists began to separate it, as its economic contribution grew.
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Characteristics of Economic Activities or Activities of Economics

We’ll now look at some identifying characteristics of economic activity or activities of economics. And these characteristics will assist us to distinguish economic from non-economic activities.

1] Income Generation

Every activities of economics generates some type of revenue. It is not necessary for such revenue to be in monetary terms; it can take many forms. So, if for the person, the activity provides a form of livelihood and generates any type of revenue for him, it is considered an economic activity.

We shall describe an activity as an activities of economics. If you employ any of the factors of production (capital, land, entrepreneur, labor). And make an income in the form of salary, royalty, wages, profit, rent, and so on. For instance, rent received from a property.

2] Productive in Nature

If the activity is a source of income, it means that some aspect of the manufacturing process was involved. As a result, activities of economics must involve some part of the production of goods and services and are productive in nature.

Let’s look at a few examples. A factory worker produces things, a software developer produces services, and a teacher produces services as well. Farming is also an economic activity because it contributes to production.

It’s worth noting that even if the output is for personal consumption, it’s still productive and so it is one of the activities of economics. Because to the market’s overall supply it will still add. All other activities that help bring items to market, such as transportation, warehousing, and so on. Those are also productive activities of economics or economic activity.

3] Consumption is also an Economic Activity

The demand side of the market is consumption. For supply of goods and services, it generates the production. And in the market the goods consumption promotes or encourages the competition in the market and the creation of better products. As a result, consumption drives production, making it an economic activity.

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4] Savings, Investment, Wealth

The money that is not spent is the savings. In a number of things, savings can be invested. Like it includes the mutual funds, savings accounts, gold, term deposits, real estate, the stock market, and so on. As a result, these types of investments convert into the wealth. The private and public enterprises. Then borrow these funds. And invest in their businesses and expand the country’s economic activity.

And these funds are borrowed by the private and public enterprises or companies. And they invest it in their businesses and expand the economic activity of the country.


In this blog, you have learned about the activities of economics. And also about types of economics activity and the characteristics of economics activity. And we hope that you have understood it completely. But if there is something in which you are facing difficulty and want our online economics help. So don’t hesitate, feel free to contact us. We are 24*7 available to provide you help.


What economic activity means?

An economic activity is a process that results in the production of a thing or the supply of a service depending on inputs.

What are main activities of an economy?

The basic and the main economic activities of an economy are production, consumption, and capital formation. In order to meet our needs and desires, scarce resources are used in the production of goods and services.

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