SAS Software

What are the Advantages of using SAS software

Hello there, here you get to know about the advantages of SAS software, in addition, you will learn, what is SAS Software and about its Types.

SAS Software

The SAS stands for Statistical Analysis Software. It developed by Anthony James Barr at North Carolina State University in the year 1960. Besides, SAS software used for data management, business intelligence, predictive analysis, descriptive and precipitous analysis, etc. From that day, many new statistical techniques and parts introduced in the software.

Statistical Analysis Software is an independent platform, which means that you can run SAS on Linux or Windows operating system. However, it is using by SAS programmer, which uses several operational sequences on the SAS dataset to create the appropriate reports for data analysis.

Types Of SAS Software

There are mainly four types of Statistical Analysis Software.

SAS for Windows

Large companies and training institutions prefer to use SAS Windows. Besides, there are many utilities in SAS Windows that help to reduce the time need to write code.

SAS Enterprise Miner (EM)

It is a progressed analytics data mining tool that aims to help users develop descriptive and predictive models through the data mining process.

SAS STAT Software

SAS STAT software is in use exclusively for statistical processes. Likewise Bussiness intelligence, predictive analysis, descriptive and precipitous analysis, etc.

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SAS Enterprise Guide (EG)

SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) has a more GUI-like IDE with magicians to help write code for various processes. In contrast, EG helps novices with unfamiliar processes and removes some problems for experienced programmers.

Advantages of using SAS software

There are several advantages of Statistical Analysis Software:

Data Files

Statistical analysis software can read data files created by statistical packages. Moreover, SAS allows SPS, Minitab, Excel, Stata, and other data files to include directly in the SAS program or through file conversion software.

Along with these lines, for experienced users of these statistical packages. SAS is not at risk because it is possible to convert the data files created by its packages to the SAS file format.

Data Analysis

Statistical Analysis Software is adaptable and incredible in data analysis to meet your needs. SAS is versatile, with different types of input and output formats. Besides there are several procedures for descriptive, estimative and forecast type of statistical analysis.

Fourth generation language

The major advantage of learning Statistical Analysis Software is that it is the fourth generation language. In addition, SAS provides an easy way to use a GUI and many applications.

It depends on the script or “program” written by the user who processes when requested to know what to do. It works with large data and builds graphs.

Statistical analysis software Network

SAS users have a worldwide electronic network, which is easy to use. In addition, its assets are accessible readily available, and you can easily connect with many SAS specialists who intentionally and willfully share their SAS knowledge on the web.

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SAS will not omit the data formats you already master or manage. These formats include people produced and supported by database programming, for example, Oracle, DB2.

SAS Solutions

SAS solutions have been built on a proven knowledge design which is open and versatile, permitting the consistent combination of procedures and stages.


Statistical analysis software keeps itself updated with the most recent technology. Therefore, the SAS can be easy to integrate and it upgrades its usability and adaptability as it can be easily coordinated with multiple technologies.


For the future aspect, SAS has a vast scope. Whenever you search for SAS Jobs. Your search is sure to turn over several current job listings, which require a variety of SAS expertise. In contrast, as SAS rises as an important research data analysis tool, it is popular in the market. Each organization is exploring SAS assets.

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It was all about the types and benefits of SAS software. Usually, we use Windows SAS in associations similar to the SAS Institute for training. Many Part of the organizations that Linux users still have no GUI So, you need to write code for each query. But Windows SAS has a lot of utilities available that help programmers and reduce the time to write code.

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