Best Study Techniques

Best Study Techniques For Students To Get High Grades

Most of the students don’t study smartly, they only cramming to get passing marks in exams. In this blog, we are going to tell you the best study techniques to get good marks in your exams.

Best Study Techniques

Nowadays, most of the students study the full night before an exam or assignment due date. But the study is not just like that, and it is not only cramming or studying for a long period of time. If you want good grades in your exams, then you have to study smarter, not harder. 

Here are some best study techniques which we are going to share with you:

1. Select the place and time to study

Every student knows which place and what time is suitable for them to study for exams. Whether it is a library, or your bedroom and any other place. And make sure that the place should be quiet which you select to study for your exams. And also, the place should be distraction-free. 

Every student has a different time to study according to their daily routine. Some students can study well at night, and some can study early in the morning. So pick the time according to your routine, on which time you can study well.

2. Study daily

Study a small part of your subject on a daily basis helps you to keep in mind whatever you study. And by studying on a daily basis, it will reduce the pressure of last-minute cramming and also reduces the burden at the time of exams.

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Mostly, students study before the exams and take so much pressure of exams. If you study on a regular basis, then you don’t need to cram your subject. And by studying on a regular basis, it reduces the burden/stress on the time of the exams.

3. Make a plan

Make a plan in the right way, like mention in your plan due dates of the assignment and exams in the plan, make a list of what to do, and set time limits. If you make a plan, then it helps you while studying for exams by looking at your planner, you know what to do next. 

By mentioning your due dates of the assignments and exams, you will never forget it, and you tried to complete it before its due date. And by making a list, you know what topic you will cover next. By making time limits, you tried to cover that topic in that time limit. So by making a plan, you can do your work in a systematic way and on time also.

4. Find your learning style

All students have a different way of learning. Some students learn by listening, whereas some learn by seeing, and some also learn by doing.

In the listening style, students learn by discussing with other people or by reading your notes. In seeing style, students draw diagrams to represent the important points or trying to learn with the help of those diagrams. In doing style, firstly, students learn the topic and then write it in the notebook to keep it in mind.

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5. Take breaks

While studying for a long time, it is essential to take a break. If you feel tired or frustrated, then you should take a break. If you do not take a break, then your performance will decrease while studying. In a break, you should go away from your study table. You can also go for a walk. It will help you to refresh your mind. And when your mind is fresh, then you can study in an efficient way. So to take breaks during the study is good for you to concentrate on your studies.

6. Stay away from your Phone

During the study, the phone is one of the main reasons for distraction. So avoid using your phone during your studies. You can put your phone in silent mode, or you can switch off it too. If you want to check the messages and alerts, you can check during the study breaks. If you did not turn off your phone, then it will distract you every time whenever there comes any message or call. And you can’t focus on study. So make sure that while studying, put your phone in silent mode, or you can switch off.

7. Ask for help

While studying, if you are not able to understand something, then you can ask your friends first. If your friend clarifies your doubts, then it is good. If your friend also doesn’t know that, then you can go to your teacher also. And the teacher will definitely help you and clarifies your doubts.

8. Study with a group

While studying in a group, you can understand where you are standing as compared to your friends. This gives you an overview of your knowledge about that particular subject. You can test your knowledge with others, quiz each other on the content, and this will helps you to increase your and your friend’s confidence.

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9. Review and revise

In a week at least one time, revise the things/questions whatever you have studied earlier. By revising the things, it keeps in your mind. If you don’t revise the things, then it will skip from your mind. So revise the things from time to time means at least once a week. 

10. Take the practice tests

After studying the full chapter/unit, the student should have to take the practice tests itself. With the help of these types of practice tests, you can check your level. And also you can check that what you studied and how many part from there you recognize. 

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All these techniques which are mentioned in this blog will help you to study in the right way. At last, we can say that with the help of these techniques, you can study with concentration.
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