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What are some good persuasive essay topics for college?

Want to learn to choose a persuasive essay topic that makes you stand out from others? Don’t worry! Here we give you the complete guide on choosing good persuasive essay topics for college assignments and some examples of the topics.

Essay writing is one of the tasks that students get at their academic tenure. Persuasive essay writing is one of them. Convincing someone on a point is not an easy task seems like an effort made to self-drive people towards your point. Try to make a persuasive argument depending on your own opinions. Yes, it isn’t easy but don’t think it is impossible. To make an effective persuasive essay, you have to choose the topic on which you can put your opinion effectively.

What do you understand by persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay describes a particular topic. A writer tries to explain to the audience that his or her point of view is the most knowledgeable, practical, and valid relates to the topic. It is also considered an argumentative essay. Your persuasive essay must include your opinions or give a clear argument about the topic. Try to present your points and ideas logically to inspire the reader in a way or some other way.

Important factors in writing an adequate persuasive essay

  •  Research your topic and have enough knowledge regarding it.
  • Prepare your thesis statement
  • Weaken the opposite argument by presenting contradictory evidence.
  • Maintain your position with proof

How to choose an effective persuasive essay topic?

How to choose an effective persuasive essay topic
How to choose an effective persuasive essay topic?

It is important to select good persuasive essay topics when college students are expected to produce a persuasive essay at their academic time to engage people. We recommend using your own experience and expertise while choosing a topic and prefer to write on a subject you are familiar with.

Keep in mind that your main aim is to convince your readers and make them agree with your point. Here we mentioned some points that you have to keep in mind while choosing the good persuasive essay topics for college-

STEP 1: Do brainstorming

Brainstorm your thoughts about the upcoming persuasive essay before you start. Please pick a subject you are passionate about, such as compelling essay topics on democracy, animal experiments, rights of men and women, education problems, parents and children, life and death, narcotics, literature, music, friends, relationships with family and community, law, military or driving. Try to search for the relevant information related to your topic and mention a valid argument to support your point. 

STEP 2: Try to enhance your reach

There are so many persuasive essay topics such as the recycling, death penalty, global warming, abortion, media and social abuse, eating habits, marijuana and young people, global climate change, etc. Pay attention to something more interesting to raise the number of readers who are interested in reading your article.

STEP 3: Be precise and give information to the audience with details.

Use only information which is from accurate sources and aim to include facts and explanations to make your essay meaningful for individuals. Try to be precise: for example, instead of writing about the poor level of quality of the education system in your country’s or state’s schools, discuss why teachers should get more pay for their hard work.

STEP 4: Pick a topic on which you can research effectively.

Suppose you find it tough to get information on selected topics to analyze and study them well, then try to avoid these topics. You can only write about half a page, but not longer than that. For example, it is a poor choice to write on why it is unethical to use Facebook.

STEP 5:  The topic must be debatable.

Do not hesitate to check it out if you have selected an argumentative topic that has different viewpoints. It would help if you left discussions on whether it is unsafe to leave children without parents in the car because every person knows about it, and it does not need any debate.

While choosing good persuasive essay topics for college, you have to follow the steps mentioned above.               

What are some good persuasive essay topics for college?

For college students, the most common task is writing a persuasive essay. Success in writing these essays will help in their academics to get extra credit. College students also have a lot of tension because they face difficulty finding the essay’s good topic. And a lot of time is wasted in this process. 

Don’t worry! Here is a perfect solution to the problem. Stop overthinking and try to select the compelling essay subjects which you are passionate about. If you don’t have a lot of experience or are either searching for new ideas, here is a list of some good persuasive essay topics for college-

  • Should colleagues try to copy their competitors?
  • Does smoking help people make friends?
  • Can businesses grow from their customers’ satisfaction?
  • Should all energy drinks be ban?
  •  Is China a new superpower?
  • Do schools depend too much on technology?
  • Do innovations really make us more lethargic?
  • Vegetarians vs. Meat Eaters. Whose side are you on? Support your argument
  • Social life is more important than academics.
  • Should video games be banned?
  • Should paper books get more preference than e-books?
  • Ways to improve the interest of students in the study.
  • Should recycling be made compulsory?
  • Should the college fees be decrease?
  • Will athletes in college be paid as professional athletes?
  • Are co-aid colleges advantageous or antiquated?
  • Should every person go to university?
  • Before attending college, what are the advantages of having a gap year?
  • Will the elimination of job security from professors increase or decrease the quality of higher education?
  • In the age of the Internet, has the conventional college criterion been outdated?
  • Should a youngster pursue a profession based on passion or earning capacity?

These are some of the examples of persuasive essay topics for college. You can choose it as per your interest and make sure you will convince your audience from your perspective.

Educational persuasive essay topics

When it comes to education, there are so many things that can be discussed. There are several different views in our country (and globally) about how education should be done and what strategies teachers or academic administrators should use. Here are a few education topics (which could be extended or modified to fit the guidelines of your teacher) that might be of interest to you. 

  • In school cafeterias, should fast-food be offered?
  • Will abstinence-only education be taught by schools?
  • Why should financial education be taught by schools?
  • Is there a need for all students to go to college?
  • Under the First Amendment, should high school journalists be protected?

Bonus tips for creating your persuasive essay impressive

  • Understand your position in college means which stream you are pursuing.
  • Understand whom you will present your essay.
  • Mention strong evidence in your essay to prove your point.

Wrap up-

From the above discussion, now you know about good persuasive essay topics for college and how to select it. Keep all the steps in your mind mentioned above while choosing the persuasive essay topics. List of some topics also mentioned so that you can get some idea about it. 

Every student does not have sufficient writing abilities to write a strong persuasive essay. Also, they have to manage so many tasks simultaneously, such as attending lectures, managing part-time jobs, etc. Sometimes they do not have any idea what to mention in the essay, so it becomes interesting. Don’t panic! Students can take online essay help from experts. You have to search for a reliable essay writing provider and get help. You can take persuasive essay help from us. Our experts are always available for your help 24*7.

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