The Best And Most Effective Ways of How to Cite a Blog

As the recent or new forms of online communication now become acceptable sources in the setting of academics. Few questions about the correct and proper citation are now continued to arise. Sometimes, you might be confused or worry regarding the citation of specific things. In this blog, we are going to show you the best ways to cite a blog.

To cite a post of the blog, you must make a precise note of the following parts of the information:

  1. The title of the particular post you’re quoting
  2. The name of the blog post that has been published on 
  3. The author name of the post
  4. The direct link or URL to the post
  5. The publisher of the site of the blog

How to cite a blog in APA Style

The style of the APA citation was created in the year 1822 of July by the Psychological Association of America. Using the below following structure to cite a blog:

  • Per the style of the APA format for a blog: When anyone paraphrasing or quoting part of a post of the blog, you must refer to that particular post.
  • The elements such as (company or a person), when (day, month, year), what (blog post’s title), and where (Retrieved from and URL).

Example how to cite a blog in APA Style

Example (don’t overlook to mark the second and following lines):

Jenny, F. (2014, May 27). What are human-made substances? [Blog post]. Retrieved from

How to cite a blog in Harvard Style

Web pages consist of blogs that are frequently updated on a specific topic or subject with the articles of a separable. The succeeding should exist in the reference list for the quotation of the blogs in the Harvard style.

  • Blog Post Title
  • Title of the website 
  • Author
  • Year of the blog that was last published
  • Month/day of the posted blog
  • Available at the: URL

Example of how to cite a blog in Harvard Style

When quoting a post of the blog, the given below format is used:

Last name of the author, First name. (Year published). Title of Post. [Blog] Blog name. Accessible at: URL


Cena, T. (2014). Child Labor and Humanity. [Blog] Today And Yesterday. Accessible at: [Retrieved June 26. 2015].

How to cite a blog in MLA Style

The MLA is also is known as the Style of Modern Language Association. It is used for citing the sources of liberal arts, language and literature, and other subjects that are related to the division of humanity. This style also gives the readers with a system of “cross-referencing,” which permits them to find the publication facts of a source.

Example of how to cite a blog in MLA Style

last name of the author, first name. “Tittle of the blog post.” Blog name, Publisher, Date of Publishing of the blog post, URL of the blog post (https://)

Jain, Neeraj. “5 tips to be a specialist of dating online”. Stellar posts, April 20 2018, 

How to Cite an EBook in MLA Format Along With Examples

Nowadays, most of the people reading the e-books on their personal computer or device. The students usually tend to gather the applicable information on a particular topic through and e-book. To cite an e-book in the format of MLA below is the structure of it:

Author’s last name, First name. Book Title, City of Publication: Publication’s Year, Publisher. Series. Medium.


Harry, Sen. Predator. Mineola: Penguin Publications, 2012. Kindle Edition. Berger, Sen. The Growth of chambers: McGraw-Hill, 2004

Chicago Style

  • The style of Chicago is also called as the Chicago Manual Style, i.e., CMS or CMOS, and sometimes a guide of style for American English. 
  • It was issued in the year 1906 from the Chicago Press University. 
  • The citation style of Chicago is used to reference the resources in subjects such as social science, natural science, and the humanities.
  • It includes two simple documentation systems, i.e., the author-date system and the humanities style (bibliography and notes).

Quick Links

How to Cite a Website in Chicago Style

To refer a website according to the guidelines of the style of Chicago guide, given below is the format:

Format: Author’s last name, First name. “Title of Article.” Title of Website. Date of Month, Publication Year/ Updated Month Date, Year OR Accessed Date of Month, Year of access. Website link.

Example: Ferguson, David. “Deck, Yes! The Message Plan is here.” Gizmodo. August 19, 1897. 


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