How to create assignment in google classroom

How to Create Assignment in Google Classroom With Ease

Assignments have become an essential part of students’ lives as they have to encounter assignments on a daily basis. So I made it easy. Google provided you with a new astonishing technology in the form of Google classroom. Google classroom is a place where teachers can create assignment for students and students can either work there or only can upload their assignments in application. This is a new technology so many teachers may face issues with how to create an assignment in google classroom. If you are also struggling with creating assignments in google classroom then read and follow these simple steps to create assignment therein. 

Steps: How to Create an Assignment in Google Classroom 

1. Create an Assignment

If you are a teacher and you are required to give assignments through Google classroom to your students then firstly you have to either download the Google classroom app in your mobile phone or laptop otherwise you can directly create the assignment through chrome also. 

After downloading when you will open the app or in chrome then firstly you have to sign in the Google classroom.

Thereafter click or touch the class. 

Then you will find an add option at the bottom of screen then click the create assignment option. 

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Now you have to write a title for your assignment along with any instructions you want to give to students.  

2. Change the Due Date or Time of the Assignment 

The next thing to learn in how to create an assignment in Google classroom is to change the assignment due date and timing. 

Since the due date will be the next day by default in the classroom therefore you need to change this. 

There you will find an option for due tomorrow where you have to click the down arrow and then you can choose the date and time accordingly.

You can also create an assignment without a due date and in this case you have to click the due date and then remove next to the date from it.

3. Add Material

The next thing you should know in how to create an assignment in google classroom is that you can also add materials to create an assignment. You can add material through add attachments option and then you can add any file from google drives or you can also add YouTube videos or links etc. 

In order to attach a file, you have to click attach and then select the file from google drive and thus click upload. It will be uploaded.

To attach a dive item you can just click drive and then select the item and then click add. In this way, you can also create google forms as an assignment.  

4. Students Interaction  

Next you can allow the students to interact with the attachment. So to learn student interaction in how to create an assignment in Google classroom follow these steps- 

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After attaching a file you will see a down arrow option so first click that and then you choose any option – 

First those students can only view the file and thus can read it only and cannot make any changes to it.

Secondly, students can read the file and also can make changes to it.

Thirdly, you can opt to make a copy and then students will receive an individual copy of such file and then they can make changes to such copies. 

5. Attach YouTube Link  

If you want to attach a youtube video then click the youtube option and then choose the option video search thereafter type the keywords to find your video. Then click add and you can add. 

You can also add a url of any video, so for that click url and enter the url and then click add. Similarly you can add a link.

6. Post Assignment in Multiple Classes

Since you can post an assignment in multiple classes therefore this is the next step in how to create an assignment in Google classroom. 

You will find a down arrow at the bottom of the screen and just next to the class name so firstly click that down arrow. 

Then you have to check the box available next to class accordingly. 

Steps – How to Create an Assignment in Google Classroom in Mobile Phone

  • Click the classroom and then class
  • Now click the add to add assignment
  • Now you will get the option to write a title for your assignment and you can also add instructions for students. 
  • Also you can change the assignment due date and time and for that tough the due date and then you can select the date and time accordingly. 
  • Now you can add materials to the assignment as we learned above. 
  • Likewise you can also add any file from phone’s drive or any youtube video or any link to your assignment. 
  • Thereafter you can also make the student interaction settings in phones also. So you can make either the assignment available for reading only or for reading and making changes both or you can create a copy therein for each student and then students can view and make changes to their assignment copy.
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Google classroom is an efficient tool for both students and teachers. A teacher can create an assignment writing help and then students can read and submit their assignment accordingly. Google classroom can be accessed through mobile phone and through Google chrome also. Many teachers face problems in assignment thereon so they frequently ask how to create an assignment in Google classroom. But there are only a few simple steps to create assignments which are given above. 

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