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Expert Tips on How to Learn Python Fast And Efficiently

Have you realized why people are going crazy to learn python these days?


I tell you why, because python is gaining popularity day by day at a rapid pace. Also, it is easy to learn and has different special features that are used worldwide for various purposes.

Every developer and programmer wants to learn python because of its uniqueness and easy syntax. Hence, it is a common question from all the programmers how to learn python fast, because they can’t wait to work with python and want to be updated in this advanced world.

If you are one of them, I am here to provide you proper guidance on the ways to learn this all-rounder language fast. I will discuss the features of python in this blog  to dig out why everyone wants to indulge with python.

But initially we should start from scratch, and should know what python is and why it is worth learning python.

What Is Python and why to learn it?

Python is a programming language that is used to develop web applications. It is a high-level, multi paradigm language that is programmer-friendly, not machine-friendly.

Guido Van Rossum introduced Python in 1989, but officially it came into the picture in 1991. Hence we can say that it is an older language than java. It is also a cross-platform language as you have to code once and can run anywhere( Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.).

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Interpreters execute one by one each line of code which helps the interpreter in debugging easily. The one of the best advantages of Python is that it is open source so that you can easily practice whenever you want. Conclusively, the need of learning Python has enhanced and more than this the need of how to learn Python fast has increased.

Where we can use python

How to use python fast

Features of Python 

Python is considered as the all-rounder programming because of its below features.

  1. It is a general-purpose(not specific) programming language.
  2. Simple and easy to understand.
  3. Less code required to fulfill requirements
  4. Dynamically typed
  5. It is a functional, object-oriented, scripting, and modular programming language.
  6. Free and open source
  7. Platform independent
  8. Interpreted
  9. Extensible and embedded
  10. Extensive library

How to learn python fast?

Steps on how to learn python fast

Here we are providing you some ways to learn python fast.

1. Set your goals

Before going to the learning path, set your goals and determine your motive for which you want to learn python programming. By doing so, you will get to know what things you have to learn to accomplish your goals, and you can focus on the specific area of python. You can learn python if you want to become-

Data scientist

Mobile app developer

Data analyst

Website developer and more.

2. Learn about python fundamentals

If you want to learn python fast then first you need to learn what python is and what the significance of python is. So as we have already discussed what python is. Furthermore, following are the basic features of Python programming which every beginner must know-

Python is easy as its syntax is easy. So that is why many people say that to learn python faster you should write your programs. And Python syntax will help you to write them even in the learning stages.

It is taught in the schools also, so you can recall your past lessons to learn your school lessons. It will help you to learn fast.

3. Classes

If you want to learn python fast then you also seek assistance from online or offline courses. They will teach in an effective and efficient manner to make you understand everything about python fast and easily. So it is always suggested on How to learn python fast that you should take classes accordingly.

4. Websites

You can visit different websites for your learning; they provide you proper guidance from scratch to an advanced level.

5. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are becoming popular day by day because they are convenient to use. You can search for the video tutorials for learning Python. For this YouTube will be quite helpful. You will find pre-recorded videos and live videos from different tutors.

6. Books

If you do not want to learn from the above sources and you do not have sufficient time to dedicate to those sources, you can choose to read books that concentrate on different programming language learning.

7. Practice everyday

‘Practice makes you perfect’. So if you want to learn Python fast then you should write coding. It will help you to remember all the coding and it is said when you write something by hand then you can retract easily even after a long time. So you should always write coding every day. It will solve all your doubts and you can find out what you should learn more as in what are your weak points.

8. Interactive Python

Interactive Python is the efficient technique to learn python fast even if you are a beginner. So you can use Interactive Python shell in order to learn python fast.  It is a general practice for how to learn python fast.

9. Breaks while learning

The next tip on how to learn python fast is ‘always take breaks while learning and practicing python’. When we study the python language or anything else after a certain period the efficiency of the brain decreases and in that case it is always suggested that you should study or learn for 25 minutes or 50 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes or 10 minutes respectively as per your efficiency. It will help you to improve your brain’s efficiency and also if you are stuck with any code or debug then a break will refresh you and you can fix it.

10. Become bug bounty hunter

When we write complex programs then there can be bugs in your programs. So it will hamper learning and will decrease your confidence so in that situation it is suggested that you should become a bug bounty hunter instead of stressing over it. It will boost your confidence and will help you learn faster.

11. Teach or speak

One of the important tips on how to learn python fast is to teach others what you have learnt. If you will teach to other or to yourself then you will have to explain it and it will help you to remember and also to solve all your doubts. When you have to explain then you will have to do an extensive research so you will learn more and more comparatively. And if you don’t anyone to teach then you can teach to yourself 0r you can just record a video of your as in teaching.

12. Pair Program

It is the next best guideline to learn programming fast which is to use Pair program technique. This method is very useful as it allows two developers working at one station to complete the same task to play both driver and navigator by switching. Driver is a person who writes the code while a Navigator is the developer who reviews the code written by another developer.

In this way both of the developers can learn python fast as you can create your own code and there will be one person who would review your code to give you suggestions and simultaneously you can learn from someone else’s coding. You can then take ideas from their coding to write codes efficiently. That is why it is considered as the best technique for how to learn python fast.

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What can you do with Python?

Python is also extremely versatile. Because it’s a general-purpose program, and for different types of tasks, it can be used, such as:

  • Analysis of statistics
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Scripting or task automation 
  • Web & software development

Jobs that use Python

Python is among the world’s most used programming languages due to its use in a wide range of jobs and industries. When you learn to write Python it can open up opportunities in a variety of professions. Some of the jobs that require Python include:

  • Data engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Full stack developer
  • Backend developer
  • Machine learning engineer 
  • Data scientist
  • Python developer
  • Operations automation engineer

Can you learn Python from scratch (with no coding experience)?

Yes, you can learn Python from scratch even if you have no coding experience. And by learning python you can get jobs like data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers, etc. So if you are thinking to start learning the python language, then don’t waste your time in thinking about it so much. Start it today, because in this language you don’t need any prior knowledge of programming to master it.


We can say that learning python is a necessity for all the developers and programmers as it is the most used programming language in the world. But in this fast forward world everything should be done as fast as possible. Similarly, everyone who wants help with python coding is searching for Python programming tutors online for their python assignments or coursework. Some students also search for methods and techniques to learn it fast. and now after learning all these strategies you know how to learn python fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies use Python?

Many companies use Python broadly. A few of them are below-





What do you mean by the dynamically typed feature of Python?

When you write a=10; in a program of Java, it will display an error because here, we do not declare the type of value such as int, char, string, etc so we need to write int a=10;

Whereas in Python, when we write a=10, our program will run and give us the output. Hence we do not need to declare value in Python; it automatically decides the type of a value. 

How long does it take to learn Python?

Well, it depends on you. If you are curious and interested in learning Python, you will learn it in 2 to 3 months without any prior coding knowledge. Other than that, it depends on your practice, consistency, environment, learning method, spending time etc.

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