how to make an assignment on ms word

How to Make An Assignment on MS Word with Easy Steps

Nowadays, those attending schools/colleges can see that assignments can be a nightmare for many students. Students must adhere to time constraints, strict requirements, and complex guidelines at all times. Usually, students need to write essays or reports on exams and homework because they have to maintain a good academic record. Most types of assignments are different from written assignments. That is why how to make an assignment on ms word has become a significant question. Many students search for the answer to this question. This blog will help you to learn about it.

MS Word

Microsoft Word is mainly use to prepare large documents, various fonts, styles and sizes, images, etc. are available. Also prepare your document.

Microsoft Word is a word processing program developed by Microsoft. It was first published on October 25, 1983 as Multi-Tool Word on the Xenix system. Later versions were written for several other platforms, including IBM PCs with DOS (1983), Apple Macintosh with classic Mac OS (1985), and AT.

Assignment help

How to make an assignment in the MS office?STEPS 

  1. Depending on your project and requirements, the application may be different or you may need to use several MS Office applications. To write a simple essay, you can save it using Microsoft Word. However, you cannot save a project from one application to another. For example, you cannot save a PowerPoint project in MS Word. Microsoft Office includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, and more.
  1. The next step on how to make an assignment on ms word is to prepare for MS word assignment, there are various functions in the top bar of each application, such as inserting images, pictures, graphics, etc. You can adjust additional margins, orientation, etc. to change the font size, style, color and so on in the page layout settings
  1. You need to click on the various functions to browse and see how you can use them to complete and refine your work. Most of the work is done in the office. You definitely work in MS Office. After loading the system from WINDOWS, there is a variant of the MS-Word application. You need to select and open the application. Besides, this application is a word processor. Here you can create, edit and print documents. In this application, you can create documents and format text as needed. You can use this application to write text of any type of destination.
  1. How to make an assignment on MS- Word has become a frequently asked question as many people struggle  with making assignments on ms word. When you open the MS-WORD window, you will see the title bar BACK: above shows the name of the document you mentioned. The temporary name is used as document 1 before naming. This includes the decrease, decrease and increase buttons. I hope this button works. 
  2. The next thing to learn in how to make an assignment on ms word is about the menu bar. Menu bar appears under the title bar with menu options for editing text in Word.
  3. Toolbar is below the menu bar, contains a series of icons that you can use to perform various tasks, and appears as a series at your current location. In contrast, Formatting icons for editing text, a set of drawing tools for each type of image needed for text or ordering. A set of standard tools, where each symbol performs a specific function.
  4. The ruler is used both horizontally and vertically in terms of text documents. Displays the margins, indentation, and position of the section. The ruler also shows the text type area. It is the feature which few people know this is why if you are learning how to make an assignment on ms word then learn this too. 
  5. Bar view: – Shown below the work area below.
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Few guidelines for the assignment submission-

guidelines for the assignment submission
  • Take care of the file format-

Some students forget about it, and some don’t care about it. Students can submit an assignment in the following formats- .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx or.rtf. They can’t submit HTML files, CAD files, PDFs, PPT, or zip files unless specified in the requirements.

Note-  If you do not know the file format requirement, then contact your professor.

  • Use a clear font style.

While making an MS word assignment, students make sure that they use a clear and readable font, for example, Calibri, Arial, Tahoma, etc. They have to be consistent and maintain the same dont style throughout the complete assignment.

Also, use black text over the white background. Maintain 12 or 11 text sizes for the matter you include in the assignment.

  • Maintain the proper spacing between text

Always use the 1.5 or double spacing and maintain properly wide margins. Also, leave the blank line between the paragraphs and keep your work left-aligned.  

  • Make headings easy to recognize

Always writing headings in bold. Make sure you don’t use italics or underlining. If you are writing subheadings, then you also have to bold them.

  • Create title page

Many assignments need a title page. The title page must include the following points-

  • Title and assignment number
  • Name and number of the course
  • The submission date
  • Mention your name and Roll number

This matter must be in the page center. Start writing in the middle of the page.

  • Mention proper numbering

Mention the number of all the pages except the title page. Tables or figures need to be numbered properly and labeled clearly. The table’s Captions must be mentioned above the table, while figure captions are mentioned below the figures. Don’t mention it in the list of references.

  • Insert headers and footers
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Include the header and footer on every page (not on the title page). It must include-

  • Your name
  • Roll number
  • The course number
  • The assignment name
  • The total number of pages
  • Mention word count

Mention the total wordings of the assignment at the assignment end ( before appendices and references). You make sure that your assignment must be within the prescribed word limit. Remember that the reference list, title page, or appendices are not covered in the total number of words.

  • Mention reference list

At the end of the assignment, you have to write the references. It will be mentioned on a new page with the heading ‘References’.

  • Appendices

Appendices are used for the information that is not mentioned in the assignment body. It can be considered as a supplement to the information you are providing. If there is one Appendix, then you can mention it without labeling them, but you have to label more than one, for example, Appendix A.

Now few tips on how to make assignment on MS word:-

  • If you enter the correct text for the field, the insertion point will automatically jump back to the beginning of the next line. This function is called line break. Therefore, do not use the Enter key at each end of a line unless you need paragraph 
  •  Press Shift to start a new line without thinking of it as a new paragraph. 
  •  I want to know how to delete characters and insert characters. This is generally the same for all applications. 
  • The next tip on how to make an assignment on MS word is that First you need to save the document using FILE from the menu bar. — Click Save. — Please choose a location for the file. — File name. 
  • After saving, press CTRL S to save the document and paste it into the same file. This will help to store additional data added to the text. 
  • With MS Word, you can edit document files quickly and  write assignments efficiently. Editing basic documents includes correcting grammar, incorrect sentence structure, correcting existing spellings by typing and deleting, and rebuilding the writing area.
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Assignment help


Microsoft office has become a lifestyle for all of us as we have to encounter it at least once or for multiple times. Many people who are learning technology or the students in school are stuck with its usage. They might know the very basics of Ms word but ms word is much beyond that. This is why we should always learn about how to make an assignment on ms word. In contrast, If we will learn this everytime we will find a different feature we did not know. Follow this article to learn new and amazing steps and tips about Ms word.

If you still finding it difficult then get the best MS Office assignment help from our experts to clear all your doubts related to MS Word.


How to add a foot-node in MS word?

To add a foot node, move the cursor to the end of the page to add a foot-node and then go to the main menu by clicking the Reference Option on the Insert Foot-node button. 

How to insert a column break in MS word?

To insert a column break, bring the cursor where you want to break the column. Go to the page layout option,  select the column break option for column break and choose your options.

How to insert a caption in the image?

First of all, to insert the caption of your image, select your image, then right-click on it. You will see the option “Insert Caption.” and you can enter your details.

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