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Glimpse of How to Make An Assignment from scratch

Making an assignment is a takeaway part of students and scholars’ lives. But writing an assignment is surely not a child’s play. It is a bundle of several significant facets like choosing a title or writing a thesis or quoting a relevant source and so on. So the question they search the most is How to make an assignment.  If you are facing issues or puzzled in writing and starting an assignment then this article will help you to learn to make it.  Take a look how it works –

Assignment Structure

The first and the foremost guideline for how to make an assignment is that you shall know the structure of the assignment. It will make your approach structure oriented so while following other guidelines you will know what information you need and for which part of the assignment you require such information.

The structure of Assignments contain following 3 parts

1. Introduction

The first paragraph of your assignment would be an introduction:-

  • In introduction, you will write a brief about the assignment that is what is the main   question of your task and what have you included in Body Paragraphs.
  • It will help the reader or examiner to evaluate the scope.
  • It is a kind of gist of the main content.
  • It shows the significance in the reader’s life.
  • Introduction should be attractive and should be written to allure and motivate the targeted audience to continue with reading.
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2. Body Paragraphs

After writing an introduction statement for your assignment, the next step is to write the main body paragraphs. It will fetch the maximum words count.  You have to be well versed with the task and how to make an assignment in order to write good Body Paragraphs.

In the main paragraphs you will present your stance on the question.  You will give write points in support and in contradiction thereof.

  • You should support your points of arguments or opinions with evidence, facts etc. So you have to do an intensive research on the topic of the assignment in order to write proficient body paragraphs.  
  • Always give references and citations of the source of original works if you have referred other sources for information.
  • Separate the different aspects of your assignment in different paragraphs.
  • You can use graphs, charts, tables etc. to garnish and to validate your content.
  • Use subheading for each point while analyzing the issues.

3. Conclusion

By now you have finished all the work and you are left with a conclusion part only. Remember your conclusion of assignment costs the least words

  • Your conclusion should be precise and certain.
  • It should be based on the thesis and not on your personal beliefs.
  • It is written in the form of a summary of main body paragraphs so you cannot introduce a new point of argument in the conclusion.
  • Always highlight the key points.
  • You can also add some suggestions if you want to give.


If you are stuck with how to make an assignment then follow the below given steps to stand out from the rest of class.

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1. Choose your title

The first step in how to make an assignment is to choose the title, if not given. Since all your assignments will revolve around the title so it has to be chosen wisely. The first thing of task which encounters the readers is the Title so it has to be catchy to attract them for continuous reading.

2. Analyze the question

You can write a good assignment unless you understand the needs. So the second stage of how to make an assignment is to analyze the question. It will help you to define the study and sort the content and structure.

3. Plan your assignment

So you have analyzed the task therefore you know everything that you are going to do. This is why the next step in how to make an assignment is to plan. In this step, you plan the outline and structure including what and how you need to work on your task.

4. Start with the most appealing part first

Most of the students face procrastination while doing their task so the next step in how to make an assignment will help you to overcome procrastination. That is, always start your work with the most appealing part of the task for you as it will keep you motivated and invested.

5. Break up your whole work in small blocks

Breaking up the single assignment into smaller blocks also helps to overcome the issue of Procrastination.

6. Draft the outline

Now you have to draft an outline for your task. While making an outline take reference of above mentioned guidelines related to Assignment structure.

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7. Research

The next step in how to make an assignment is to do extensive research on the topic in order to gain information on the same. It will help you to write the most crucial part of your work that is the main body paras.

8. Write it down

Since you have dealt with all the aspects of starting and making an assignment, the final step is to embrace yourself and write your it down.

9. Double Check and Proofread

After writing your final draft, you should double check or proofread your task to check any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

10. References and Citations

The last step in how to make an assignment is to acknowledge the sources you have referred to write your task. It will show your courtesy and integrity towards the task. Moreover it will help you to avoid plagiarism or copyrighting others’ original work.

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Assignments have become an integral part of our lives and studies too. So it is very important to write good assignments to fetch maximum marks and appreciation. If you are facing problems as in how to make an assignment. And if you know all the guidelines and steps to be followed then it will help you to save time, efforts and money. If you still want the help in assignment writing then get the help from the experts at

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