How to make assignment first page

Tutorial on How to Make Assignment First Page

Assignment is a crucial part of students’ life as they have to make assignments on a daily basis. They are always in search of techniques to make their assignment efficient, so that they can attain high grades and can stand out from the rest fellow students. They work on assignment content and they try to write good and relevant points in their assignments to make it worthy.Now the question comes how to make the assignment first page attractive to get the highest mark.

But most of them fail to give adequate importance to the front page of an assignment despite the fact that it consists of separate marks. So they should also focus on writing and making an attractive front page for the assignment. This article will provide you tips and guidelines on making alluring first pages.

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Contents of First page

The first thing to learn in writing the best front page of assignment is to learn what a front page has. Front page has following details of your assignment –

1. Title

The first important thing your assignment’s front page has is the title of the assignment. So the first tip is to write an attractive and eye-catching title for the assignment. To write a good title you must have done thorough research on the assignment problem because your title must be a brief introduction of your assignment.

It must tell the audience or readers the brief description of your assignment as in what is your assignment about. It should be written in easy language so that everyone can understand it. Title plays an important role in the front page. This is the first and foremost tip on How to make an assignment . The first page is to write eye catchy titles.

2.  Name and Details of your School/College

The first thing written on the assignment’s front page is the name of college or school as you are submitting your assignment to your school and college. After writing your college name, you will write the title in accordance with the first tip.

3.  Subject Name

Thereafter you have to write the name of the subject to which such assignment belongs to. It is an essential requirement of the front page so the next tip on How to make an assignment on the first page is to  never skip or forget to write the subject name.

4.  Purpose of the assignment

For writing your assignment you must have done an extensive and thorough research on your assignment problem and your assignment must be dealing with certain hypothetical or factual issues. You will give a stance on such issues only. So the next on How to make assignment first page is to

5. Name and Designation of Teacher or Professor

Now you have to write the name and designation of your teacher or professor to whom you are submitting the assignment. While writing the name of the teacher make sure you are writing the correct spelling of their names as wrong spellings of name give the worst impression of yours to the teacher. Secondly make sure you write Miss/Mr. /Dr. /Mrs. In the starting of the name.

Along with writing the correct and full name of the teacher, the next tip on How to make an assignment on the first page is to write the correct designation of your teacher. For example if you are submitting an assignment to the assistant professor or associate professor then always write the same below to their name and then add the college name to it.

6. Name and Details of Student

Lastly you have to write about yourself. While writing your details remember you have to give specific details only. Such details include – your full name, your roll number, Course and batch name etc.

Tips – How to make assignment’s first page

  1. To make your assignment’s first page alluring you can put a 2 line border on it. It will be professional and attractive.
  2. Next thing you have to remember in making your assignment on the first page is never write a page number on it unless specifically you have been asked to do so.  
  3. Don’t write anything extra on the first page as the first page works as a first impression and we all know the first impression is the last impression so it should contain only the given contents.
  4. Always read thoroughly the guidelines provided by the instructor for creating a front page.
  5. Never forget to write the name and description of your school or college.
  6. Check the font size as the page size.
  7. Check the font style. You can use Times New roman and if your teacher has already provided you the instructions relating to font size or font style then you shall follow that only.
  8. The next tip on how to make the assignment’s first page is to keep a 1.5 line spacing.
  9. Don’t make it colorful.


Assignments have become an important part of students’ life. It is very important to write and make your assignment with utmost efforts because you get marks for it. Assignment first page is the first page rather most of us make it in the last and that too in 2 minutes. Because we fail to note that the first page of an assignment has separate marks and it has a specific format which we have to follow. So if you are also in search of How to make an assignment’s first page then follow these guidelines and tips to score highest and to stand out from the other students. If you still finding it difficult then get the help from our assignment helpers.

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