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Step Wise Tutorial on How to Solve Percentage Problems

Students are generally scared of Mathematical problems even though maths is the easiest subject if you know the concepts. Percentage problems are considered as the easiest to solve. If you are looking for the tutorial on how to solve percentage problems then you are at the right place as we will make you understand the concept of percentage and the methods to solve percentage problems steps wise effectively and efficiently. 

Point to learn – How To solve percentage

The percentage is always 100. So we find out the percentage of any number from 100 percent.

Always know that 100% is the absolute, so 100 percent of any number is always the whole number. 

For example 100% of 10 numbers is 10 similarly 100 % of 20 numbers is 20. 

Next point to learn on how to solve percentages is that if you have to find the 50 % of any number then you just have to divide it by 2 only as if you find 50 % that is 50/100 is always 2. 

Let’s understand through example-

Suppose you have to find out the 50% of the 70 is 70/2 = 35 

Another example can be 50 % of 60 = 60 /2 = 30.

As the 50 percent of any number is half similarly the 25% of any number shall be 1/4. So you have to divide by 4 to find the one fourth of any number. 

Let’s take another point, suppose you have to find out the 20 % of any number then it will always be one fifth of the number. So if you have to find the 20 % of 80 thus it will be as follows – 

80 x 1/5 = 16.

Next point to learn is to find out the 10% of any number then it will be one tenth of the number so you can divide the number with 10. Let’s take an example, you have to find out the 10 % of 30 is 3.


Example 1 – How to solve percentage – 

Let’s take an example – 

Suppose we have a question that you need to find out the 60 percent of 200. Let’s learn it through examples – 

So firstly you must learn that percentage is written as % and it means per one hundred. 

Thus we write 60 percent of 200 as following – 

60 % of 200 

= 60 /100 x 200 

= 120 

Thus, the answer is 120.

Now let’s take another example. Suppose you have a question that you have got 40 marks out of 80 so now you have to find out what is the percentage 40 marks out of 80 marks. 

Example 2 

Let’s learn how to solve percentage problems by x method. 

So let’s take the answer is X. 

So we will have the equation – 

X% of 80 = 40 

X x 80 = 40 

40/80 = X/100

X =  100 x 40/ 80 

X = 4000/80 

X = 50 

Thus the answer is 50%.

Example 3 – How to solve percentage problems 

Let’s take another high level example – 

Suppose you have to compute your grades for your course as follows – 

5% for attendance 

10 % for assignments 

85% for final exam 

And now let’s take you have scored following – 

80 marks in attendance

70 marks in assignments 

95 marks in final exams 

This is more tough situation in how to solve percentage problem follow the following steps-

Firstly you have to write write all the percentages in decimals so we all know for that we need to divide the number of percentage with 100 as the percent means 100 thus you will do the following 

5 % = 5/100 = 0.05 

10 % = 10/100 = 0.10

85 % = 75/100 = 0.85

So the next step is to add all these decimals and if you will add these decimals you will get the 100 as answer because the percentage is always 100.

Next step in how to solve percentage problems is to multiply the score with respective decimals. Follow the given equation – 

Let’s take the answer as Z. 

Z = 0.05 x 80 + 0.1 x 70 + 0.85 x 95 

= 4 + 8 + 80.75

= 92.75 

Thus the total marks in percentage you have got is 92.75.


Percentage problems are the easiest mathematical problem still many students and people face difficulty in solving such percentages. Because they fail to understand the concept rather they struggle with mugging up percentages but we don’t think till when and how many percentages will you learn so it’s better to understand the concept so that you can solve the other problems. We hope that if you are struggling with how to solve percentages then this blog would have helped you in solving all kinds of percentage problems. If you are still struggling with percentages then you can contact our expert panel anytime and resolve all your queries. Get the best math homework help from the experts.

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