The Absolute guide on How to Write a Bibliography

In the outdated note system. It is common to use a bibliography in place of references. The students should know how to write a bibliography. In some situations, once students use endnotes instead of footnotes, an added bibliography might not be needed. A bibliography is a complete list of evidence that has referred during the preparation of the work.

The list may include several items that students have selected for further details. However, Such items do not include their designed part of preparation. The list, therefore, produced a bibliography. The bibliography may cover only one thing, the main text. The bibliography organized in sequential order as per the name of the journalist’s last name.

Information Required For Bibliography 

  • authors name
  • title of a specific publication 
  • Publication date
  • the place of publications of a specific book
  • the publishing corporation of a specific book
  • the volume and issue number 
  • Page number
  • Bibliography Set-up 

How to Write a Bibliography in Different Format 

Bibliographies diverge contingent on what format of writing students are using. Some of the diverse formats of writing comprise the Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), and American Psychological Association (APA).

MLA Style

Mankind uses the MLA style for literature and many other disciplines. If students are using this format, then they should keep away from all the books, papers, films, articles, also many other sources that they consulted while writing their paper. Certify that you must identify the author, title, publication, publisher, date of publication, also the page numbers that you referred for each source. Once you comprise these sources in the bibliography, sources should be in an arranged order.

  • Contain the author’s name (first, write the last name, then a comma, and after that the first name). 
  • Add the heading of the work, also underline the heading. 
  • Add the town or city where the work is available, also place a colon after that.
  • Lastly, add the publisher’s name, add a comma, also the year of publishing. 

Chicago Style

For previous work The Chicago format we are using most. The key difference in such styles is that the year of publication comes after the name of the author. Then comes the title or heading of that work. Now add the city in which specific book is printed, following a colon, Also, add the name of the publisher of that book.

This similar format is trailed for articles, magazines, or newspapers. The year followed through the name of the author, then the title and then the name of the article, after that volume and issue, and page numbers.

APA Style

The APA writing format is generally used for psychology also other social science works. For APA format, the bibliography style is just like the Chicago format. The year trails the author’s name. Though, place the year in addition after the author’s name. Then comprise the name of the book (or journal), the name of the journal and after that the page numbers.

For Better Understanding

Bibliography format in MLA, APA & Chicago is given below for better understanding. 


A bibliography is a shortened statement of important information and data for example author’s name, title, also publishing data and information about a basis that you have referred during exploring a paper.

This data and information are generally found on the title page of the specific source. All the sources that you refer are registered at the end of the specific assignment or paper so that the reader can easily refer them for additional research on their specific topic. Bibliography format also described above for better understanding. 

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