Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Cause And Effect Essay

Summer vacation is near, and your professor assigns you the task of writing a cause-and-effect essay. Ah! You take a sigh of relief that I can write that but wait a minute. How can I find a particular cause and its effect and explain it in an essay? Huh! What to do?

 Don’t worry! We are always here to help you, and we know essay writing is always a time consuming and overwhelming task for the students. Here we have provided the step by step guide on how to write a cause and effect essay. Let’s get started with an example-

You must hear about karma, and we all know the cause and effect of karma. 

According to Mary Browne-

Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. You reap what you sow. You get what you earn. You are what you eat. If you give love, you get love. Revenge returns itself upon the avenger.”

How to write a cause and effect essay- A complete guidance

Know: Cause and effect essay

Do you want to know about the cause and effect? Now you will get the answer to your question. The cause involves why something happens, and the effect involves the impact of the result of the cause. There are types of cause and effect essay that you must know- 

  • Essay focused on the effect

As its names suggest, it focuses on one or more effects of the particular cause. 

  • Essay focused on the cause

It focuses on the various causes that lead to the event.

  • Essay focused on both causes and effects.

It focuses on both that is the reason why something happens and the effect it had.

 It is an academic paper that examines the condition and explores causes or effects. This paper is concerned with certain things or tasks. What are the consequences of jobs and typical ways to organize ideas? The essay outlines how reason leads to effects and claim with research. Logical explanation tasks and reaction fit together and will have a reliable essay.

Purpose of Cause and Effect in Writing

Professors assign the cause-and-effect essay writing task to students because it helps develop critical thinking, find logic, and develop persuasive essay writing abilities. In this, a writer tries to describe an event and identify its leading causes.

How to choose the best cause and effect essay topics?

When choosing a topic, the main thing to remember is that it must describe a scenario where a particular event, fact, or action leads to another. In simple words, you have to ensure that there is a cause and effect relationship that you can explain in your essay.

Before choosing a topic for cause and effect essay, you must remember the key features of good cause and effect essay topics are as follows-

  • Relevancy;
  • Clarity;
  • Correctness;
  • Importance;
  • Interestingness.

As long as you keep these features in your mind, you will select the relevant topic. 

Point to remember-

The cause and effect essay’s main aim is to discover events that lead to particular results. While writing it, you must ensure that you have researched the causes and are confident about the particular results. You can explain either causes or effects or both in the essay.

Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay

The cause and effect essay opens within a general introduction topic, leads the thesis statement and primary cause, main results, many reasons, and consequences of tasks. Clarifying difficult relations needs full usage of a sign like technical research and statistics and anecdotes.

The cause and effect essay planned in two fundamental techniques. 

  1. Start with effect and talk about causes. 
  2. Start with cause and talk regarding the effect.

Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

 Select tasks or conditions you reflect has a compelling cause and effect affiliation. Choose an event or situation in engaging ways. Manage your essay by initial within either cause then affect the organization. You should discuss and help to causes and effects using the full range of evidence if you need to write many causes or many things. You might select a sequence of terms of order importance. Use phrases of action trying to forge amongst too many tasks and conditions. It would be managing ideas and essays with a conclusion to review the key points and reinforces the thesis statement. 

Parts of the Cause and Effect Essay

Three central part of cause and effect essay are as follows-

Introduction part

 The main thing a student should worry about how to write an effect essay introduction. You should share background information and target the main concepts. People decide by books cover, and teachers prefer original reading papers with great opening lines. 

Body part

 The body is presented with the main essay by providing primary evidence. Your paper makes sure for main points and has single topics. It would expand on the cause of the main subjective effects. In the body part, you should write the main detailed about topics. You can write more information on the body part.  

Conclusion part

 It should one paragraph concisely restates the main point’s argument of the essay. The main idea of the essay has intended to show or prove. 

Steps of how to write a Cause and Effect Essay

Step 1. Select the topic.

  • First, you need to pick up sufficient cause and effects topics. 
  • You need to choose a good topic for the essay.
  • The subject should have a chain event and a starting point and endpoint. 
  • A social movement is the best topic, as well. 
  • Civil Rights movement or women, Protestants have causes and effects. 

Step 2. Researching

  • You analysis the topic and begin researching it. 
  • Go to Wikipedia and progress appreciative of the subject. 
  • You will increase research beyond Wikipedia to write a decent essay. 

Step 3. Write down your researched points.

  • Writing though you search will help to put thoughts. 
  • Your writing does not have perfect, and you need more exercising skills points. 
  • The thought is to begin to put words on paper. 
  • More information obtains and harder to actual starting composing essays. 
  • Revise primary writing skills and make them stronger. 

Step 4. Create an outline.

  • You must need to compose an outline. 
  • It may seem to create an outline after I have begun writing. 
  • Your technique helps families with the subject. 
  • According to your search, you research and answer the query and start thinking within the best ways. 

Step 5.Write a rough draft.

  • Write a rough draft by using a plan, and you create. 
  • Parts of draft work for the main reason for the outline. 
  • You finish comprising a rough draft.
  • Consider the main flow, and stays target and focus on the primary awareness. 

The above steps are the solution to your question about how to write a cause and effect essay. Now, we will explain it through an example.

Example of cause and effect essay

The problem of bullying in school- Its causes and effect

The problem of bullying is increasing day by day. It has become a big problem in many schools and creates a negative impact on the students. The causes and effects related to this problem, along with the solutions, are explained in subsequent paragraphs. Stay tuned with us!
Body paragraph 1-There are so many causes of this big concern. Initially, the past experiences of the students have an effect on them. They think of doing it because they were the victims at that time, but now they think they are taking revenge. Moreover, they want to create a hold on the new students. By creating superiority, they create fear in the mind of students. Furthermore, they take advantage of the students who are not able to defend themselves. 

The effect of this situation is that many students feel depressed with the name of the school. They don’t want to attend school and make friends. Also, they don’t want to discuss this with their teachers and parents, and as a result, it negatively affects their studies.
Body paragraph 2-School authorities can improve this situation by adopting some measures:
1. Counseling of the students can help a lot. It helps in understanding the student’s psychology.
2. School authorities should make strict rules so that the students have a fear of them.
3. Authorities must try to conduct co-curricular activities. By this, they will develop team spirit.
Conclusion-Let’s sum up, in my perspective, bullying is an activity that is not good for the growth of the students. So, solutions can be followed to overcome the situation. By following the solutions, the students like to go to school and participate in every activity without any hesitation.

We hope from the above example; you will get an idea of how to write a cause and effect essay. 

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