How to Write a Character Letter


Before diving right into “how to write a character letter”. Let us first know a little bit about the character letter. As the name suggests, it is a letter written about one’s character. It can have information about specific things like special qualities, unique rituals, and more. It includes other references like one’s behavior, nature, habits, manner, etc. Basically, it reveals one’s personality overall.

By definition, a Character letter is a letter that has been written to know about the person’s character. It is always written by someone well known to the person who is to be written about.


To answer “how to write a character letter”, it is important to know the reason for writing it. Character letters are needed when the character of the person is needed to be known. Character letters are required in multiple areas like in courts, job interviews, business, academic institutions. A judge may want to know a little bit about the person before passing on his final judgment about him/her. Or an organization may not want to risk their performance by hiring a person who lacks professionalism, that’s where they need a character letter. Likewise, any academic institution wants to admit smart, intelligent, mature, and career-oriented students. There are so many other areas where character letters are needed.


Before starting to write a character letter. One should be actually knowing the person whom to write about. He should be well known to the person and someone who can write positively. And one should keep in mind that this letter is going to make a huge impression on the decision of the judge, an interviewer, or an institution. Before agreeing to write a character letter always make sure that you can write positively about the person, then only say yes. Another thing, honesty is the first thing required out of this letter so it is one’s responsibility to write crystal clear in the letter.
There can be different ways to write character letters according to different reasons to write them. But the purpose is almost the same every time you write it.


  • DESCRIBE YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Include background on yourself and your relationship with the person. You can also mention for how long you’ve known the person and why you both are very well known to each other.

While writing, think about the behavior and nature of the person like instead of saying “we’ve been together for three years” say something like “it’s been wonderful three years with him/her”. This will speak more in favor of the person.

  • FORMAT: Now that we’re discussing “how to write a character letter”, know that using a proper format is very important. Ideally, one should include three paragraphs in the letter. In the first paragraphs, you should discuss your relationship with the person. In the second paragraph, you should be focusing on a person’s character and positively talk about it in brief. In the third paragraph, you should conclude the letter by making a positive impact of the person on the reader. Close the letter in a way that favors the objective of this letter. At last, while penning it all out, keep in mind that your letter should be informative and precise and is not too long. 
  • SAMPLE; 

Kavita Katare

123 Main Local Street

Downtown, CA 12345

555 555-8888

March 26, 2020

Janeil Kielce

Director, Human Resources

Downtown Riding Institute

123 Business Rd.

Downtown, CA 543210

Dear Ms. Kielce,

I have known Himanshi in a variety of capacities since these past years. She has been my sister’s art tutor for all these years. In addition to this, she helps me in my small business where she handles writing and editing articles along with other website content.

Himanshi is charismatic, detail-oriented, and extremely skilled. She often strongly finishes a task well before the deadline. She is very systematic, and never misses a deadline, and always completes an assignment on time.

Jane also has an excellent affinity with everyone regardless of age. She has taught painting to both young children and the elderly, and every age in between. Her excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) allow her to make friends with all kinds of people and to encourage them to put forth their best effort and skills.

In summary, I highly suggest Jane for any profession or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a worthy asset to any business or organization.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Kavita Katare

  • TALK ABOUT FEW SPECIAL QUALITIES: Focus on one or two qualities of the person that can get them in shine. Instead of fake blabbering too much about the person. Give attention to two or three qualities about the person that is unique and appreciable. This will make your letter more realistic and believable. And it will make a person stand out of the crowd.  
  • USE EXAMPLES: Give examples of every quality of the person that you’re claiming. You can write about the good acts done by the person. Like, if the person is a part of any NGO, mention it. If a person has helped with any sort of kind gesture towards underprivileged people, mention it. This will make the reader believe in what you’re writing in the letter.
  • READ IT ONCE FINISHED: Always read a letter once you’re done writing. And add everything that you think is missing. Also, eliminate the things that you find unnecessary. Check spellings and grammar. Make sure whatever you’re claiming about the person is true. You can also send a copy of it to the person you’re writing about, to ensure everything is correct.


A character letter is a letter that speaks about a person’s character. And it is needed in various organizations like business, court, etc. So the way you write a character letter for someone can actually affect the decision of the reader. That is why it is important to know “how to write a character letter” in a proper manner. It is very important to write a character letter in a very positive manner that makes a good impression about the person on the reader’s mind. So before starting to write a character letter make sure you know a person very well and can write positively about him/her. Make your letter precise and still informative. And do read it once it is finished.

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