Absolute Guide for Beginners on How to Write a Precis

Writing a precis is not an easy task, especially for beginners. Here we have defined the step by step procedure on how to write a precis. But before getting started, let’s have a look at what is precis?

What is Precis?

A precis is a clear and concise statement of the substance of a lengthier passage in a distinct and connected shape. A precis should be accurate, clear, and brief. 

A précis reviews a reading that students have completed. The précis’s length may be different significantly; it may be around 100-200 words or approximately 1/5 to 1/6 of the length of the original text.

Feature of a Good Precis

  • The text must have precision and clarity.
  • The student must not lift the sentences from the actual text. They tend to use their own words.
  • A precis requires to be concise – to convey essential instead of secondary data or information. 
  • Also, the main points must be listed in their entirety, cover the material as broadly as possible.
  • It is a text summary and not a summarized version.
  • Writing must be in a logical order.
  • It must be well-connected.
  • It must have a title.
  • In addition, it must not have any inappropriate details
  • Do not take data from outside articles.

Uses of precis writing

Precis writing forces students to pay closer attention to what they read as no one may write a passage summary unless they carefully read it.  It also helps to improve overall writing skills. It teaches you how to understand the thoughts concisely, effectively, and clearly. Students learn to choose words carefully and make the sentences concisely and logically.

Rules of Precis Writing

It must be clear and precise. Precis writing is not lifting the words from the actual paragraph. It must be well-written in an organized manner in their own words. It must be appropriately summarized and a miniature version of the actual paragraph.

How to write a Precis?

  • Carefully read the article and mark or highlight the main ideas. 
  • Try to reveal what the author intends to communicate by the text. 
  • Take a close aspect of the evidence that the author has been used. 
  • It could require to restate the thesis provided through the author in their own words. Make sure that it should be on-point and precise. 
  • It also needs to write only around two sentences for every section. It could be a summary of every section but not in many words. 
  • Now one requires to re-read the article and check either it is in sync with the summary. 
  • One should review write-up and make sure either you have covered the key points or not.
  • Always use a rational or logical format or structure. 
  • Check the text for clarity and correctness. Do a grammar check before submitting it to the lecturer.

Qualities of Precis


It means a reader must recognize what the author tried to convey. Achieve it by using a simple structure and language.


It means the student should watch grammar, spelling, and punctuation they use, and also the significant figures, facts, and dates they address.


It means open construal of the data. Do not give a personal opinion in a précis.


It means the logical interconnection of the significant ideas from the actual context. The audience should not lose their common interest while reading a precis.


It means avoiding excessive details in the précis. Do not omit vital facts but avoid tedious repetitions, expressions, and wateriness.

Points must be included in Precis

  • Start the Precis with the universal fact or idea so that the reader may quickly recognize the principle of the Precis.
  • When writing a precis, make a suitable atmosphere where all the key points may be equally discussed and described.
  • Avoiding all the irrelevant sentence or data is as essential as writing the appropriate points.
  • Identify the redundant data and facts and keep the significant idea of the work in the Precis.

Points must be avoided in Precis

  • Precis writing is an organized way of writing a purer form of the given paragraph.
  • Students cannot insert their criticism and remarks in a precis.
  • For writing a precis, avoid using abbreviations and contractions.
  • Write the full form of the given words only.
  • Students should carefully read and recognize the Precis well, do not form their facts and opinions.

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The above information discusses how to write a good precis. This information is very beneficial for the readers to know about the features, uses, steps, and superior qualities of useful Precis. Several significant difficulties arise due to writing a precis in a well-organized way.

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