An Absolute Guide on How to Write A Research Paper Outline

In this blog, I am going to share with the best ever tips on how to write a research paper outline. Let’s start:-

What is research paper outline?

An outline is an overview of your research paper from which you build up the complete paper.  You can easily make the research paper with the help of a research paper outline. The main part of the research paper outline is Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion: the more detailed outline you use, the better for high-quality and successful research paper.

Importance of Research Paper Outline

The research paper outline is significant for all types of research papers. It helps to establish the thoughts and the complete work earlier writing a research paper. Each type of paper aims at scientific research that will show that you are a learner with analytical expertise to solve key issues and that you can express your thoughts using science techniques and methods. 

How to write a research paper outline

First of all, let’s create sure you appreciate what a research paper outline is. Usually speaking, it is a logical business organization of a text, paragraphs, with its parts, and subparagraphs. Here are some tips for writing a research paper outline that will confidently help. It must take the paragraphs titles and subparagraphs titles of the text, a conclusion, and the initial part. It reproduces the sections your research will have. The research paper outline provides the overviews of the complete research paper.

Keep your outline flexible

Though the outline format is inflexible, it must not make you inflexible about how to write your paper. When you write the research paper outline, first of all, select the paper topic. If your paper modifications way, or you can insert different sections, then composition free to change the outline just as you will make improvements on a crude map as you develop more familiar through the terrain you are exploring. 

Structure of Research Paper Outline


The abstract is the main part of your paper. It provides the basic information about the research paper. 

Introduction/ thesis statement

Because it introduces the reader with your paper’s subject, and it’s like an attractive that catches the attention of the public. Here you should mention the main elements, such as the thesis statement, the description of the subject (some important points, general information), and the overview of the core words of your research. You can add the thesis statement of the research paper in the introduction part. Highlight the background information on the topic necessary to understand the research paper direction. An introduction provides an overview of the problem involved with the subject.

A thesis statement clearly classifies the topic being discussed.

Literature Overview

In the literature review, represent the previous study about the research paper topic with authors name and years. 


In this part, you select the methods for the research. There are three types of methods like qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods. 


In this part, find the main term related to the paper. For example, you write a paper on project management. The key finding is related to project management is the role of project management importance of project management and the importance of project management. 


This part of the research paper is to represent the analysis of the data.  This part is to cover all topic related to the research paper.


This part of the research paper provides an overview of the complete research paper. Which provides the answer to the research question.

How to create an APA research paper outline

  • You must follow the general rules of creating the outline when you write the research paper outline by using the APA format. 
  • When writing the research paper outline in APA format, you can add any bullets graph and table in your research paper. 
  • It starts with a title in which you are to write in uppercase letters. 
  • The next step of the research paper is topics and sub-topics. Point out the main thesis you are cover and add other details into subheadings. 
  • As a different, you may create a list of conceivable outline headings, and then, in the writing process or even at the last stages, you can choose the most suitable options. 

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