The Absolute Guide on How to Write a Resignation Letter

In the employment journey, the employee has to write the resignation letter. But most of the employees don’t know how to write a resignation letter. In this blog, we are going to share with you everything about the resignation letter:-

Meaning of Resignation Letter

The resignation letter is an authorized letter sent by an employee to their employer of giving notice. That they will no longer be able to work in their organization or business. The main objective of a letter of resignation is to maintain an authorized record of notice, details, as well as about the employee’s working period and any other information. It can be said “an official letter of quitting.” It shows your intentions of leaving a company and making a resignation for it.

What to write in a Resignation Letter

A resignation letter should contain the following facts:

  1. A statement with a reason for leaving your job
  2. The name of your official staff position
  3. The name of your department
  4. A highlight of your working period
  5. Greatness to your employers for hiring you in the company
  6. Well wishes to your company’s future work
  7. Your contact info

How to write a resignation letter

A resignation letter is written for leaving any company/business/organization in which you are currently working. The formatting of a resignation letter is formal. It should not be challenging or in a provoking manner.

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If you are having any personal issues with your company. Then you can deal with your manager personally instead of writing it in the resignation letter. The reason for resigning from the company should not be included in it because it can create conflict between you and the employer. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Some crucial facts are concerned with writing a resignation letter, so make sure you have written your resignation letter carefully and appropriately.


  • Make it clear- A resignation letter is a final statement of you to the company, so make sure you use an explicit language and avoid all the complicated matters. It’s always good to establish clarity in your relationship, whether it is professional or personal.
  • Keep it positive- It should be written positively so that the employer would regret letting you go. Making it positive can eliminate the conflict between you two and can create a sense of respect.
  • Provide a formal letter-The letter should be formally written; no personal arguments should be in the resignation letter. 
  • Offer to help at the time of Change-It can be very ethical if you offer to assist the other staff during the change. 


  • Talk about the new job-As you are leaving the company then it would be inappropriate to talk about your new job because there is no guarantee in it that your new job will work-out or not, so do not create a situation in which you won’t be able to speak with your employers again.
  • Reason for resigning- If you are leaving a job, then there must be any reason, maybe it can be a conflict with your Boss or any other personal problem. So it’s not the right time to speak about your intentions in the letter.
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Sample of a Formal Resignation Writing- There is an example of writing a formal resignation letter, which can help you to learn a practical approach for writing a resignation letter.`

Resignation Letter Format

The above resignation letter format will show you the manner of writing/style a resignation letter

  • Contact info
  • First Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Mobile number
  • Email 
  • Date
  • Title
  • Salutation
  • Mr. / Ms. Sir/Ma’am

First Paragraph

Your letter should say that you are resigning from the company and state your position in the company. 

Middle Paragraph

The next part of your resignation letter should state that you are thankful to your employer for providing you with the chance to work in the company. 

Final Paragraph

End-up your resignation letter with greatness by offering to help with the transition.


Respectfully yours


Typed Signature

Sample for Formal Resignation Letter

The letter will show you an example to write a resignation letter


The whole study has shown you the method and ways of how to write a resignation letter. As we have indicated earlier, the letter consists of a formal way of writing. And should be stuck to the point. You should not add unnecessary things and concepts in the letter. We have shown you all the facts, methods, what to do, or what not do while writing a resignation letter.

Apart from this, if you have any problems relating to the concept of writing a resignation letter, then please consult with us. Our experts who are having the skills of teaching you the facts relating to the resignation letter would be glad to share their expertise with you. Submit your requirements with us.

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