An Absolute Guide On How to Write An Essay Hook

Essay writing is one of the significant tasks for students. It is nearly impossible that any student doesn’t write an essay in the span of his/her academic life. 

Every student needs to write an essay in their academic life. But writing an essay is not enough; the essay should be interesting enough for its reader. 

So how can we make our essay Interesting for the readers? The answer is when we know how to write an essay hook.

Do you know what hook is and why we use it in an essay?


Don’t worry if you don’t know about that; you are not alone who do not know about the hook in essay writing and why we use it.

Here in this blog, we will have a look at how to write an essay hook. Let’s start with a short introduction about what is a hook?

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What Is Hook?

A hook is a statement that is used to attract the user’s attention in your essay. Without the hook, there is always a chance that the reader may miss grabbing the most critical information in your essay. That’s why the use of the hook is becoming crucial in an essay.

It allows you to make your reader concentrate on your paper. A hook is a piece of a sentence that works as an attention grabber and helps you to maintain the user’s interest in your essay. A hook can be anything; it can be a question, a surprise element, a quotation, a tip, or anything like that.

It not just maintain the user’s interest but also help you to maintain the flow of the essay. When the readers start reading the essay from the beginning, your essay may contain solid points. Let’s have a look at how to write an essay hook.

How To Write An Essay Hook

How to write an essay hook

Be Sure About Your Purpose And Goals

Without a clear goal and purpose, there is no value in using the hook in your essay. It would be best if you made sure about the specific goal and a clear purpose of your essay, and it helps you to define a clear approach that will be interesting for your readers.

Now the question is how you should define the purpose of your essay. First, you need to make sure that whether your essay tone will be formal or informal. It would be best if you also cleared your goal by defining what you will tell your audience. Then, you can create some hook statements that will help you to reach your audience to the specific goal of your essay. 

Know What Type Of Work You Are Writing

We know that there are four common essay types globally, i.e., persuasive, argumentative, narrative, and descriptive. And you need to develop different strategies for each.

You can also use the hook on your essay based on the type of essay. And make sure that while using the hook in your essay, you need to make sure that the essay looks harmonic and logical. The use of a hook varies as per the type of essay, and you can’t use a similar kind of hook to different kinds of essays. 

Always Start By Creating An Outline

Before knowing about how to write an essay hook, Creating an essay outline helps you to get a brief idea of your essay. The outline is also known as the skeleton of the essay. While creating the outline, you need to be sure about the goals that you will tell your readers. From this outline, you can get an idea of where you need to use the hook inside your essay.

It also helps you to structure your essay more effectively. You need to use the hook in your essay within the three highlighted areas of your essay, i.e., the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction hook will guide the reader to the body, and the body hook will guide the reader to the conclusion. 

Write The Hook Based On Your Thesis

The best use of the hook is according to your thesis. The thesis is the highlighted part of your essay. The hook should be placed in the introduction part and smoothly help you navigate your readers to the essay’s body part.

While using the hook, you need to make sure that the hook is relevant to the thesis and relevant to the significant part of the essay. While writing the most complicated topic in your essay, you can start with some interesting facts about that topic. 

Understand Your Audience

It is the major mistake done by the students in understanding the audience. Using a hook is not an easy task, and you need to do brainstorming to select the appropriate hook in your essay. And you also need to make sure about your audience that what kind of hook will work as a key for your essay and your audience.

You also need to take care of their interests that will help you to attract your readers to the essay. You can use the joke if you have a similar kind of reader like your peers. On the other hand, while it is for the professionals, then there should be some interesting facts rather than a joke. 

Make The Proper Transition To The Rest Of The Essay

If you know how to write an essay hook, it will help you make the proper transition to the rest of your essay. As I already mentioned that the hook should be related to the highlighted area of your essay. This hook will allow you to shift your reader’s attention from the introduction to the rest of the part of your essay.

Suppose that you are writing an art essay. Then you can use one of the great hooks, i.e., the quote about art from the famous artist in the world. It will help you grab the reader’s attention and help them understand the opinion of the great artist about the art. 

For Long Writings, You Have To Use The Creative And Intriguing Hook

Sometimes we need to write a long-form essay. In the long-form of content, it is quite hard to maintain the users’ attention to the essay. In this case, you can use the catchy headlines as the hook of your essay.

You do not need to include just a creative headline but also a few creative lines within each paragraph of your essay. You can also add a few interesting questions within your essay that will make the users unveil what happens next. The more you create the suspense in the long form of the content, the more you engage the reader.

Essay Hook Examples to Help you Know About How to Write an Essay Hook

Literary quote

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”


William Shakespeare once said, “Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.”


The anecdote refers to the small sense of humor that helps you grab the reader’s attention. 


“As I was walking down the market, I couldn’t help but notice a drunken man fall in a dustbin, and instead of asking for help, he was asking for more beer.”

Pose a Question

The question works well to grab the reader’s attention. Because when we put the question in the essay, we also put the answer to that question within the essay. To get the answer to the question, the readers usually read the long form of the essay without getting bored. Your question should be engaging for the readers.


“Has it ever struck in your mind what would have happened to Adolf Hitler After the Second World War?”

Set a scene

Creating a scene is also great when you don’t know how to write an essay hook because most people create visual cues. When you tell the story to the people within your essay, then the people create the picture of that story in their minds. But you need to make sure that the story is interesting to the readers. You can either tell the real story, the fictional one, or the event-based story. 


“Changing jobs was one of the hardest decisions I had to make; going from government job to the private one wasn’t easy enough for me.”

Use an interesting Fact

Interesting facts work great as a hook in an essay, and interesting facts provide additional knowledge to the readers. You can use the interesting fact about the topic that you’re representing within your essay. 


“Average family in the USA borrow $25000 loan every year .”

State Your Thesis

As I have mentioned earlier that the thesis is the main part of your essay. You can use it as a hook in an essay. Likewise, you can discuss the main argument of your essay at the beginning and then the rest of the supporting argument later.  


“Humans have to take a strong step towards to control climate change.” 

Reveal a Common Misconception

If you reveal the common misconception within your essay, then you build credibility into your reader’s mind. You can do so by researching the misconception and finding the relevant evidence that is proving it wrong. In this way, you will pass the knowledge to the reader and create a great hook to engage with your essay. 


“Believe it or not, Octopus can change color in lightning-fast speed to protect itself from the danger.”

Offer statistics

Statistics is a great hook because it provides the authenticity of the essay. It also showcases your knowledge about the topic. You can use this hook to provide extra information about the topic to the readers and grab their attention. 


Social media users are growing at a rapid pace. There are more than 2.5 billion social media users worldwide.

Steps Before choosing a type of hook

Steps before choosing a type of hook


A hook is the most powerful element in the essay. If you follow all the tips that we have mentioned above on how to write an essay hook. Then you will surely write a great piece of essay that will be engaging for the users. 

Never try to use an excessive amount of hook within the small length of the essay. You should use the numbers of the hook as per the length of the essay. If you master when and where to use a hook in the essay, you can be a great essay writer. 

If you are still finding it tough to write an essay hook, then you can take the help of our essay writing help services. You can also get the best deal of college essay writing help from the experts. If you have any conflicts in your mind about how to write an essay hook, then comment below, we will solve it asap.


Which is the best place to write a hook in an essay?

The right place to write a hook in an essay is at the beginning of the Introduction. When you write a hook at the beginning of an essay, it excites the reader, and the reader will intend to know more about your topic.

Why is it important to know how to write an essay hook?

Well, the main purpose of writing a hook in the essay is to grab the reader’s attention. If the reader likes your hook, he will continue reading till the last point of your essay.

What to keep in mind before deciding on a hook?

The writer should keep in mind: audience and the type of the essay.

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