Best Tips on How to Write an Introduction in a Research Paper

It is often that the students struggle a lot in making their research papers effective. Here in this blog, we are going to share with you the best ever tips on how to write an introduction in a research paper which help writing research papers very easily.

Usually, an introduction refers to the first section placed at the beginning of a research paper, or the first thing a student present in a verbalized presentation, or people notice or experience about the paper. This part of the entire work is designed to help readers pinpoint that they want to read the paper or not.

Role of an Introduction in a Research Paper

At times, it can be very challenging for the reader to understand what you are trying to explain with the absence of a good introduction. So, a good introduction section will give the reader the opening of the part of the entire paper. It must be attractive so the reader can follow the entire paper.

Difficulties Mostly Faced by Students While Writing an Introduction in a Research Paper

  • Absence of Vocabulary
  • Failing to Arrange Concepts Successfully. 
  • Weak Grammar and Sentence Structure Skills. 
  • Plagiarism.
  • Formatting and Resource Organization.
  • Trouble Reading Back What is Written.
  • Hard/Unfamiliar Topics.

When students start writing an introduction for an assignment, they often found a lot of recommendations and suggestions over the internet, which they found lengthy and complex. So, on this website, we will help you to analyze “how to write an introduction” with an appropriate starting of the paper.

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How to Write an Introduction in a Research Paper?

The section of an Introduction can be complicated because this part plays a key role in attracting the reader. So, an introduction must present a good impression of the main thesis and topic, as well as the introduction part, should be able to convince the reader that it is value their time to read the entire paper. 

Steps to writing a research paper’s introduction

Step 1: Start the Introduction Broad, But Not Too Broad.

Many students do not know how lengthy an introduction should be. Most students usually include irrelevant information; for example, a brief paragraph on a simple topic would unexpectedly include unrelated facts related to the childhood of Shakespeare. 

Readers do not want lengthy explanations of information ever developed by man.  An introduction part should only deliver a sense that readers usually expect from the paper. So avoid writing an introduction like this because this kind of introduction is overwhelming. The introduction would start comparatively broad after that comes to a short thesis. |But it is vital to ensure the topic is still in focus.

Step 2: Provide Appropriate Contextual

It is appropriate to provide context to the paper within the introduction section, but the actual core of the argument has to be placed in the body paragraphs. 

For Example: 

  • Is this introduction delivering context or suggestion? 
  • Does this present the main argument, or aim to demonstrate it?

Factual evidence asks for a body paragraph while writing an introduction in a research paper. The context or background most expectedly fits in the introduction part.

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Step 3: Write a Good Thesis

The thesis should be placed at the end of your introduction in the research paper. It is a characteristic convention to situate the thesis as the last sentence of the first section.

It can sometimes be difficult to present your thesis in a specific place if it does not unavoidably fit, then go ahead and stick it somewhere else, but in case the thesis works in such a position so that it would be the finest place for it. A good thesis must indicate the purpose of writing your entire research paper.

Step 4: Attempt to Avoid Clichés

Some introductions possibly will have once been effective. But if you use it so repeatedly that they have turn into exhausted, as well as clichéd. Starting the paper with a lengthy description is a perfect example of such conventions. Beginning with a lengthy definition can be boring at this point because it will result in turning the reader to skip the section or even entire paper.

Step 5: Do Not Feel Pressured To Write 

 It can be challenging at times to understand exactly the type of information that applies to the introduction until a person has described the part itself.  Our professional writers do not feel pressured while writing an introduction in a research paper. They suggest that if any student is having trouble while writing an introduction in a research paper, feel free to write somebody paragraphs and relevant facts to the paper. Students may consider it easier to write the introduction once they are comfortable with the overall paper.

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Step 6: Satisfy the Reader that Paper Is Worth Reading

A reader of the paper should accomplish reading the introduction part, considering that the paper is fascinating or appropriate to his purpose. A good introduction section can engage the audience in considering the topic instantly.

Also, the readers should be wondering how you will be evidencing the argument in the paper. An effective way to attract the curiosity of the reader that the paper is useful is to deliver information that the reader possibly will disagree with or question. When they are thinking regarding the topic as well as wondering for what reason you hold your point, at that moment, they are more expected to be involved in the entire paper.


Mainly, a good introduction in a research paper offers the reader with a brief shape of the topic and a clarification of the thesis. Using the steps mentioned above, you can create a good and attractive introduction to the research paper. These steps are suggested by our experts that have a long experience in writing research papers. 

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