How to Write Bibliography for Assignment

If you want to learn how to write a bibliography for Assignment you should know what a bibliography is, you need to know the fundamentals of this essential element. It is a bit different from the reference. 

The bibliography is a list in which you compose the names of the references, work cited, and books of other scholars and researchers that you have used as a reference in the form of factual instances in your composition. It can use the sources which are not directly used in the assignment.

A correctly written and designed bibliography for assignment indicates how well you know about the topic that you have studied. The bibliography is placed after the main text of the work. 

When you select the list of the used literature there are various ways of arranging the bibliography description.

The most used way is if you write the list in the alphabetical form which is an arrangement of description in the alphabetical order of authors and the title of publications. In chronological order, the material is arranged by the year of publication, and in every year it is used alphabetically by authors or book titles. The reverse order of the chronological arrangement is recommended where the current state of the issue is the main attention.

When you will start your assignment you need to separate the bibliography for assignment  from the rest of the work. Start it on the new page. Write the title bibliography in the center as a title. 

Here is an example of how to include the book and a series of used sources.

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  • Name of author/s, editor/s, or institution responsible for the book.
  • Full Title of the Book: Including Sub-title.
  • volume number or a total number of volumes in a multi-volume work.
  • edition, if not the first.
  • city of publication :
  • publisher,
  • date of publication.


  • name of author/s.
  • “Title of the article.”
  • Title of Serial
  • volume number,
  • no. issue number
  • (date):
  • page range of the whole article.

To know how to write a bibliography for assignment you need to know that there are different styles of writing a bibliography. Every style has a different format for writing a bibliography for assignment. First, you need to understand that the style of the bibliography needs to match the style of your assignment style. Many people get confused in that there is only one style to write a bibliography for assignment but different formats follow different styles. 

It is easy to write the bibliography at the end or before the submission if you maintain a track record of every book and encyclopedia, articles you have used in writing your assignment. Note down every author, publisher, place, and date of the sources you have used for later use. It will save you time and help you keep a record of the work done by you.

So now you have an idea that what is a bibliography for assignment, here are some steps on how to write it:

Select the source

When you start to write before that you need to search and select the source or writing which will help you to explain properly the thought that you want to write. 

1.1. Ask yourself the question: what is the primary purpose of my research. What problem should I explore? 

1.2. Know the value and the relevance of the chosen reference

1.3 Find the background and the credentials of the author

1.4 Write a Summary for Each source that is used.

The pattern of writing

Book and the author name or the city and publisher (if there is no author)

If there is an article in the book without the name of the author, then put the name of the article, title of the book, and publisher.

Short story or the chapter of the book 

Encyclopedia article with an author-signed article the author’s name, title. encyclopedia title. Volume number. Publisher.

If it’s from the web then URL Author name, date. 

There are some basic rules in writing the bibliography

The bibliography list uses the end-to-end numbering of all of the sources.

The reference list includes all the materials that are referred to in the text.

If there is more than one author with the same name arrange them alphabetically in titles.

If there is more than one reference from the same author arrange them in alphabetical order with the title.

The term papers are not included in the bibliography as its educational works.

In the articles the order of the links is determined by the rules adopted in the scientific journal in which the article is supposed to be published.

The bibliography is different from the reference as in the reference you only write a list that generally contains only the source that you used in the assignment. But in the bibliography, you include the list of every source you have used to generate your ideas from and the topic included which are used in your assignment as well as which are not used in the assignment. 

Both word reference lists and bibliography are sometimes the same and used interchangeably so it is important that you check the format and the requirement of your assignment.


  • To save your time and finish your work without any problem you should start your reference early.
  • Write every reference you use on a spear paper.
  • Include all the details in alphabetical order to make it organized.
  • You should have at least 4 primary and 6 secondary sources. 
  • Academic journals are different from newspapers and magazines.
  • Always keep a record of all the sources you are using.

Now, you have the basic idea of how to write a bibliography for assignment. These are the main rules of writing a proper bibliography. But, if you face any difficulties in writing the bibliography for assignment you can apply for Assignment service help in order to not to get a lower grade and have a template that you can use in your future projects. 

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