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Mighty Guide on How to Write A Good Comparative Essay

Comparison the word which we all are familiar with, Right! Suppose you are going for shopping ah! We all know everyone loves shopping. So, you will compare so many brand’s quality and select the dress that is of the best quality. 

For example, you want to buy a midi dress, but you are confused between Kazo and Madame brands. With the help of comparison, you come to know about the best brand. In my case, I love madame for the midi dress as it looks classy and sophisticated.

As a student, you will also get the task of writing a comparative essay so that you can learn about the comparison. Writing it is like a real tough nut to crack. That is why students need proper guidance because they want to know how to write a comparative essay.

For writing a good comparison essay one needs to understand what comparative essay is and what it should contain.  This article deals in detail with every aspect of how to write how to write comparative essay.


As the name suggests, a Comparative essay means an essay comparing two subjects on the basis of similarities and differences between the two. The main objective of writing such essays is to judge or compare two subjects, and these subjects may have some close relation or maybe contrasting to each other. A comparative essay can be based on any subjects like the government of two states or different theories or GDP of two states.

It consists of different paragraphs explaining how the two subjects are similar or different. In these paragraphs the author compares the various common and uncommon aspects of the subjects to give readers a complete view of the two regarding the characteristics of the subjects.

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What is the purpose of a comparative essay?

It is clear from the name a “comparative essay” that it means comparing two subjects on the basis of similarities and differences between the two. When you are seeking guidance on how to write comparative essay, you also should know what is the purpose of comparative essay.

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Steps of how to write comparative essay- A complete guidance

1. Title of Comparison Essay

The first and foremost step to write a comparison essay is to choose a good topic according to the targeted readers. Your topic should contain enough content to make comparison and remember it should not be too small  or  too lengthy in context of information and data. You have to check if your topic has the best or relevant evidence to prove your points through comparison.

2. Identify Premise- Basis of comparison

It is one of the most important steps in knowing how to write a comparative essay. The second step is to thoroughly understand the comparison essay topic with a view to ascertain the basis of comparison. Meaningly, it would help if you compared both the subjects to determine the basics of the comparison. It will help you to jot down the whole premise of the essay. In this step, the author needs to scrutinize all the similarities and differences between the study subjects.

3. Listing of  Similarities and dissimilarities

After noting down the premise of the essay, the author will brainstorm upon the similarities and differences between the subjects of comparison and then he shall make a list of them for a good comparison essay. It is not the outline of the essay rather it provides you basis to make an initial plan. This step will help you to determine what characteristics you need to manifest in your essay to make it good. While making this list the author should be focused on the relative basis rather than on less important points of basis to make an essay precise and up to the mark for the reader.

4. Develop the structure of essay – Thesis Statement

Once the author has listed down all the similarities and dissimilarities between the subjects, then the author shall prepare a structure of the thesis. In this step, the writer will make an outline that is what he wants to compare and what similarities and differences he wants to reflect in the essay. And this judgment should be made from the point of view of readers. There are following three methods of how to write comparative essay:-

How to Write Comparative Essay in Different ways?

A) Alternating Method

In this method, the writer finds out the key points of similarities and differences between the two subjects and After that, he writes alternatively about the subjects by comparing them with the common key point.  For example the subjects of the comparison essay are A and B and the key point of similarity is C then the author will write about A and C in one paragraph and then he will write about B and C in another paragraph. This method helps the author to highlight both the similarities and differences by juxtaposing when you are looking for how to write comparative essay.

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·         Points of comparison are different

·         To write detailed comparisons



COMPARISON – Point 1( Paragraph 2)

COMPARISON – Point 2 (Paragraph 3)

COMPARISON – Point 2 (Paragraph 4)

COMPARISON – Point 3 (Paragraph 5)

CONCLUSION (Paragraph 6)

B) Block Method

In this method, the author follows subject by subject pattern i.e. the author first writes everything about one subject and then discusses all of the other subjects. This is why it is called a block method. For example, the first author will write everything about Subject A in the first half of the essay and then will write everything about Subject B in the other half of the essay. The author uses the words like unlike A or like A in the second half of the essay.


  1. To write short essays and on simple subjects
  2. No close relation between the subjects
  3. For writing comparison essays on more than 2 subjects














C)  Mixed Method

In this method, the author compares both the subjects by writing one aspect in a paragraph and the other in the next paragraph and so on. This method gives equal importance to both the subjects in terms of comparison and readers can easily evaluate the comparison factors.


  1. Long comparative essays
  2. When the subjects are complex and need close attention  

5. Write your essay

Hence you know how to write comparative essay structure, start writing your essay by following it. While writing, consider all the points and make them effective.


As we have discussed the content of an essay now the foremost step in writing a comparative essay is to decide the outline or format of such essay. The format of the Comparative essay is almost similar to the other essay. Thus, it contains Introduction, Body Paragraphs and Conclusion.


The objective of writing an introductory paragraph is to give a glimpse of an essay to its reader as to its content.

 Here the writer gives the idea to the reader what he or she is going to write in further paragraphs.

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 Points to remember

 Points to remember
  • Make it simple and certain.

  • It should state the purpose of an essay.

  • It must have a thesis statement.
  • Body Paragraphs

    In body paragraphs you have to write what you listed down in terms of content. There should be multiple paragraphs and each paragraph must contain a one idea of comparison.

    Points to remember
  • It should start with the topic sentence to give readers a brief about the content of the paragraph.

  • Discussion on the subjects should be written in the middle of the paragraph.

  • The paragraph should end with a brief closing statement or low level conclusion on the aspect discussed in the paragraph.

  • The paragraph must only contain significant details.

  • Conclusion

    Author must keep in mind while writing a Conclusion that the main objective of writing a conclusion is to give a gist of the essay to its reader. it is in the form of review of all the content contained in body paragraphs.  It should only be based on the premise of the essay rather than on personal preferences.You have to restate your thesis statement in the conclusion part but do not include any new ideas in the conclusion part.

    Valuable tips on how to write comparative essay

    The last few tips are here that help you in writing an essay. Consider it before you start writing your comparative essay. Try to create one interesting piece of an essay. Improve your writing skills by following these tips-

    A successful Comparative essay always ends with an acceptance of the subjects. It is considered a great style of writing by the professors. Follow these tips and write an engaging comparative essay.

    Let’s explain it with the help of an example-

    Which pet is best, dogs or cats- Make a comparison.

    A dog lover may use this kind of essay to persuade their parents to purchase a dog instead of a cat. The writer has to choose to compare and contrast the animals’ strength, capability to protect, and friendliness.

    Another example,

    Android vs. iPhone
    If you need to prove to your friends that your smartphone selection is the best one, you will use the comparative essay for this. You may consider features such as price, handy apps, comfort in updating, and different style availability.

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    • Check grammar and spelling mistakes
    • Cross check the Formatting standard
    • Arrange all the Citations and references
    • Thorough reading of essays to ensure everything is fine.

    When you get to know how to write comparative essay, now the author must go through the whole essay in order to correct any mistakes if any.  Follow the following instructions –

    Thus, we can conclude that a good comparative essay contains a catchy title and good content in a well-structured manner.


    Now you have explored every single details on how to write comparative essay. Follow everything that we have mentioned in this blog to start writing the comparative essay like a pro. It will help you not only in writing but also in understanding the comparison. If you still finding it difficult then you can take the help from our experts. We are offering the best college essay writing help services to the students.


    1. How can i compare the two subjects?

    Create a list of the subjects’ similarities or differences. Address them in your essay.

    2. Is it required to add a hook in an introduction?

    Not really, but the hook in the introduction helps the audience in understanding your essay concept, so the hook is really important. 

    3. Is explaining the comparison in one body paragraph is enough?

    No, not at all! You have to explain one comparison in one paragraph and others in subsequent paragraphs.

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