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Is Homework Slavery? Unbiased Reviews From The Experts

Homework has become a part of students’ life. They have to do homework on different subjects on a daily basis irrespective of your grade or stream etc. If you are a student you have to do homework or assignments. Sometimes teachers and professors give so much work that students feel overburdened and start thinking that homework has become a form of slave. Slavery is when you do something by force. Slavery is illegal in almost all the countries. Now the question come ‘Is Homework slavery.’ This article will make you understand what slavery is and whether homework is a form of slavery or not.

What is Slavery?

Slavery is a form of forced labor whereby a person who is a slave is uneducated and is doing labor work under harsh conditions. Thus the slave doesn’t have any freedom to make decisions or to make any choice and has to follow the decisions of the master. Slavery is a kind of exploitation of slaves by the master.

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Why homework is slavery?

Is homework Slavery? Yes then why?. Many students take homework as a form of slavery. They consider homework as forced work as they are not willing to work so they think they are being forced to do homework. And in many schools and many teachers punish students who fail to complete their homework. So they do it under compulsion. This is why they consider it as a form of compulsion work that is slavery. And supreme law of almost every country prohibits forced labor or slavery. So such students are always protesting against homework.

Questions come in people’s minds: Is homework good or bad for students?

Ask a twelve-year student is homework good or bad for you? His reaction is just confusing. He doesn’t want to do it, but it helps them in practicing and learning the concepts. The answer is mixed as per so many factors.
According to Gerald LeTendre (Penn state’s education policy studies department head), “Too much of anything can be harmful; that’s simple”. As per the advice of Harris Cooper (a leading researcher), It is best to have no homework for kindergarten to second grade, and after that, they must get 10 minutes per day and increase the tenure as per the class. So homework is beneficial for students who want to perform well in class. if you think homework is slavery hire our do homework for me services at reasonable prices.

Is homework slavery?

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If we compare the homework with the slavery then we will see it does not fulfill even a single essential of slavery.

Homework is not a compulsion as in if you don’t do work then it will affect your grades but in case of slavery if slave does not work then he may face gross hardships. Therefore, the answer to Is homework slavery is NO.

Why Homework is not slavery

1) If you ask is homework slavery? Then it is not as homework teaches you something and it will help you to properly organize the time and to learn new things and obviously to raise the grades.

2) In homework you have a choice to do not to do homework whereas in slavery you don’t have such choice. Slavery is a form of forced labour whereas work makes you educated and is a form of studies. So it would be absolutely wrong to consider homework as slavery.

3) Homework has a lot of benefits and you will learn a lot of skills. It will make you educated and ethical and thus it will help you to build your career.

4) If you are struggling with is homework slavery then you must understand the reasoning of giving homework and assignments. Teachers give you homework so that you can retain the information and knowledge they give you in the class.

5) Homework is based on the phrase that Practice makes you perfect so the number of times you practice or do homework it makes you master in such a field. For example, if the homework is of math subject then the number of questions you solve the more you understand the concepts.

6) If you are asking Is homework Slavery then it is absolutely unfair and wrong to compare homework with slavery.  As many people consider homework as a privilege and an advantage as homework is study work that is to be done at home.  Education is the most precious asset in everyone’s life. Not everyone has access to education or to attend classes.  Thus, it is a privilege to be able to go to school and learn new skills and education. So we can conclude that homework is directly contrary to slavery.  

7) Nowadays, teachers also take care that they don’t give more homework so that students can work on their overall development. That is students can get time to play and for social interactions also.

8) The another reason for no to is homework slavery is that for doing slavery you don’t get fair and reasonable wages but very less wages whereas for doing work you will get praise and it will help you to improve your grades. And homework will also help you to learn skills.

9) Homework is also assigned to students because many students do not concentrate in the class or when they do then they fail to retain such information. This is why homework is important. As it is rightly said when we write or read something by ourselves then it becomes more simple and easy to learn the concepts. This is also a reason for big NO to is homework slavery.

Additional points- 

Does homework is beneficial for students?

Yes, upto some extent, homework is beneficial for students because homework helps them understand and learn the concepts taught in class. Too much homework is not appropriate because students have to invest their time in physical activities for their growth. So, homework is beneficial if they want to maintain their academic record well. 

What’s the Right Amount of Homework?

After so much research from the past years, the result shows that homework is good (especially for middle and high school students), but too much homework is not good. It includes risk. As per the National Education Association, homework amounts are different as per grade level. They support the 10 minutes of daily homework at the time of starting the education of students. It will increase when they enter into the upper grade.

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Homework is a pure form and is a privilege to be able to attend schools and to be able to do homework. Homework is a form of practice thus the number of times you do it, it will make you master it. Slavery is a kind of forced labour whereby slaves do not have option to say no as they will have to face strong and harsh hardships for saying no to their master. Slaves even don’t get enough wages for their work. 

Whereas homework will make you more literate and skillful which will help you to build your career. So it is absolutely wrong to compare homework with slavery. So if you are asking Is Homework salvery? then the answer is absolute NO. Get the best homework help services from the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented homework?

Horace Mann, an American nineteenth-century legislator and educational reformer invented the idea of homework and made it an educational fundamental in schools.

Are marks important?

We live in a society where academic marks have a higher priority than knowledge. It is a very regular thing. Besides individuals are estimating students’ ability by how he/she has scored in a particular test. Each parent has a dream that his youngster will become successful in life.

Does Marks decide your future?

Marks are only a number; they can’t decide your future. However, your knowledge can determine your future. They don’t make any difference in your overall life. You can always continue learning and learning.

Purpose of doing homework?

The most common purpose behind homework is to strengthen learning and encourage mastery of specific abilities. Sometimes its purpose is to gather extra knowledge beyond what was taught in the classroom.

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