Matlab vs Octave: Which One is Better Language and Why?

In this blog, we are going to clear all your doubts between Matlab vs Octave. Here we go:-

Meaning of Matlab

MATLAB is a numerical analysis environment as well as a fourth-generation computer programming language. It was developed in 1970 by Cleve Moler, who used to be the administrator of the computer science department at the University of New Mexico. Cleve Moler always wanted to provide his students with a better method to learn linear algebra as well as matrix calculation without having the use of FORTRAN (a traditional language for computing).

Uses of Matlab

With the use of Matlab, you can:

  1. Analyze data
  2. Create models as well as Applications
  3. Developing the use of Algorithm
  4. Matrix Manipulation

Meaning of Octave

Octave is considered as a high-level interpreted programming language that is used for numerical computations. It is also an operationally critical threat, asset as well as vulnerability evaluation. Octave was originated at Carnegie Mellon University in 2001 for the Department of Defense in the United States of America. It is a set of techniques that we use for risk assessment in the area of Information Security.

Uses of Octave

The uses of Octave is as follows

  1. It provides a command-line interface for solving linear & non-linear issues.
  2. For performing various numerical experiments
  3. Used for matrix computation also
  4. It is used for algebraic differential equations.
  5. It is available in 19 languages.

Matlab vs Octave

Matlab and Octave are similar in many fields because they both are a high-level programming language. That is used in the field of computerization such as matrix calculation as well as in algorithms. Apart from this, the difference between Matlab vs Octave is as follows


Matlab is considered as a matrix laboratory which is known as a language used for technical computing. While Octave is a programming language that is popular for numerical programming.


Matlab was written in C, C++, as well as Java. Whereas Octave was written in C, C++ as well as FORTRAN language.


Matlab has a better interface in comparison to Octave.


Matlab uses more RAM in comparison to Octave.


Matlab is not free, so it incurs a cost, whereas Octave is free.


Matlab provides an extensive set of tools to perform numerous tasks, whereas Octave depends on the syntax to perform any task.

Using the Empty File

While using Matlab, you cannot load any empty file, but it can be loaded in Octave.


Matlab doesn’t have the support of auto-increment as well as assigning operating. On the other hand, Octave is having proper support for auto-increment as well as assignment operators like i++.

So, we have discussed the differences between Matlab and Octave as well as the similarity between Matlab and Octave in many ways. likewise, they both are helpful in high programming computing languages. That we used for matrix calculations as well as for other numerical factors. 

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Final words for Matlab vs Octave

The whole study makes it clear that Octave is better than Matlab. The reason for it because Octave is free to use as well as its functions are also compatible with Matlab. It also assists some other high-programming language in making the functionality faster.

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What is Get and Set in Matlab?

If the user wants to assign a specific property to the class, they can use the ‘Set’ function. But, he/she wants to access the features, ‘Get ‘ functions can be used in Matlab.

Is Octave faster than Matlab?

Matlab has a “Just-In-Time” compiler, which compiles the programs much faster, whereas Octave does not have any JIT compiler. As a result, Octave works much slower than Matlab.

What is difference between Matlab and Octave?

Matlab stands for Matrix Laboratory, which is used for technical computations. In contrast, Octave is one of the programming languages that is used for simple or complex numerical computations.

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