Most popular programming languages 2021

Most popular programming languages 2021 For Better Future

In today’s times, the popularity and demand for programming languages are increasing day by day. There are almost 600 programming languages in the world, and the ranking of the most popular languages fluctuates every year. In fact, developers and programmers come up with new features for these languages. Competition among the languages has also increased. Whoever wants to learn a new language for any purpose like learning coding or for a career etc., always ask what are the most popular languages so that they can cope up with the competition by learning the most popular languages. This article is inclined to Most popular programming languages 2021.

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Most popular programming languages 2021

1. Python

The first language in the list is PythonPython. It was developed by Guido Van Rossum in the 1990s. It is considered as the leading programming language in the world. Python has got immense popularity like the other popular languages such as Java, C, etc. It is also used by many large companies for their several projects like NASA, Google, YouTube, etc. 

It is preferred over other programming languages and is named first in the list of most popular programming languages 2021. Because it is very easy to understand a language as it can read the English language, so you don’t have to struggle with binary language. 

A python is an object-oriented and open-source language. Thus, if you want to learn this language without downloading it, then you can learn it directly from the web browser. 

It also has very easy, clear, and intuitive syntax as compared to other languages. This is why it is also preferred by absolute beginners.

It is named first in the list of most popular programming languages 2021 because it is majorly used in Data Science, Data Analytics, web development, Enterprise Applications, and Artificial Intelligence, and so on as it has packages like NumPy and SciPy.

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Like Java, it is also very useful in back-end web development.

2. JavaScript 

The second name in the list of most popular programming languages 2021 is, of course, JavaScript. It was developed by Brendan Wich when Netscape assigned him to develop a new programming language. Initially, it was discarded by many developers and programmers as it had poor language design and it did not have many features.

 But now, it has evolved and developed so much that all the leading companies use this language for their various projects. 

It uses Ubiquitous in all of its platforms, and it is considered as a mass adoption language. 

It is majorly used in web development and Mobile App development. And now it is also very much preferred for serverless computing, Back-end development, and Browser Game development. 

3. Java 

The third name in the list of most popular programming languages 2021 is Java because of its popularity and heavy demand in the programming world. James Gosling and his team developed it in order to cope up with the complexity of programming then. Its main objective was to develop business applications by providing a simple, object-oriented, and interpreted language, and it also supported multi-threading programming.

It also has an inbuilt garbage collector, namely JVM, to remove the unreferenced objects from Memory, which keeps the system efficient and effective. 

4. C#

The next name in the list of most popular programming languages 2021 is C#. It is pronounced as C sharp, and as the language C, it is also used for general purposes.

It is an object-oriented programming language and is developed and built on the basis of C language only. Microsoft introduced C#.

It also has an easy syntax, which is very similar to C-derived languages such as C++. This is why if you know the C language, then it is very easy to learn C# and vice versa. 

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It is majorly used for building 2D and 3D video games as it uses the Unity game engine. This is why it produces one-third of the total video games of the world.

5. C

The next name in the list of most popular programming languages 2021 is the C programming language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie in the 1970s. It is very easy for machine learning. If you learn C programming, then you can easily learn the functioning of computer or laptop devices. 

It is also preferred over other languages because it provides you low-level access to memory, and thus you have full control over the underlying hardware. 

It is the oldest language among all the languages in the list. 

6. SQL

SQL was developed in 1972 and is still the most popular language over the period of 50 years. It is crucial for large databases on which most of the companies rely. Most renowned companies such as oracle, microsoft, IBM all depend on SQL. SQL can run big data applications and helps in traditional databases. 

7. Ruby 

The last name in the list of most popular programming languages 2021 is Ruby. This language is mainly used in web development and is very popular for being used as a basis of the Ruby on Rails framework for web applications.

Generally, Beginners prefer either Python or Ruby because these two are considered very user-friendly. 

It attracts all the developers and programmers for career growth as it is used by many large companies like Twitter, Airbnb, Bloomberg, Spotify, etc.

8. Kotline

Kotline is a 100% interoperable language with Java. It runs on JVM(Java Virtual Machine) and works with Javascript. Kotline is a very new programming language that is widely used in the development community, such as android development.

 It also works well with non-android development because it is very simple and easy to maintain the language. However, this programming language is very demanding and will not lose its scope soon.

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Features a Programming Language should have

In a programming language following features should be present for its wide use and applications:

  1. It should be easy to code.
  2. It should be free and open source.
  3. Easy to control.
  4. It should be platform-independent.
  5. Simple and fast calculation ability.
  6. Portable and flexible.
  7. Large standard library.
  8. It should be powerful and secure.
  9. Easy to remove bugs.


If you are a beginner or struggling with deciding which language you should learn first, you should check the most popular programming languages in 2021. With this given list you can easily decide which language is the best suitable for you on the basis of your need. If you are an absolute fresher in the programming world, then you can start with python language as it can read the English language. Likewise, you can decide among the popular languages so that you can cope up in this competitive world. If you need any help with programming assignments, we provide the best help with programming assignments from the experts within deadlines.


What are the most popular languages nowadays?

These days the languages which are attracting the crowd are-
1. Java
2. Javascript
3. Python

How can I learn programming?

If you are eager to learn a programming language, you can enroll yourself in any online course on different platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, etc. Otherwise, you can learn them from Youtube tutorials and websites. In addition, you can do any offline course or degree in computer-related streams such as computer science.

What does SQL stand for?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a popular programming language because it manages all the data within an RDMS(Relational Database Management System). IN simple words, it can store and retrieve data along with updation, addition, or removal from the database.

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