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Python vs Go: A detailed comparison of Python and Go

Python and Go both are the high demand and future scope programming languages of information technology. Many students want a career in python and Go programming language. Here in this blog, we learn the differences, uses, and similarities for Python vs Go. Both Programming languages have different codes, different functionality, and uses. 

What is Python?

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum in the year of 1991. Python is a general-purpose, interpreted, and high-level programming language. It is built-in high-level data structures, combined with dynamic binding and typing, that are made for applications development.

Features of Python

  • Easy to code, write, learn and use.
  • Free and open- source programing language
  • Interpreted language
  • Python is a Portable programming language that can run on windows, linux, Unix , Macintosh etc.
  • It Supports automatic garbage collection
  • GUI Programming Support
  • It is a dynamic typed language
  • Large Standard Library

What is Go?

Go is also known as Golang. Go is an open-source programming language that was developed by Google in 2007. Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson were the main developers of the Go language. It is a language that mainly focuses on efficiency, reliability, and simplicity to build software. 

Features of Go

  • Open-source, Compiled, and fast programming language
  • It is used for Google programming productivity
  • It supports garbage collection
  • Powerful Standard Library
  • Concurrency Support
  • Static Typing
  • Packed Management
  • Testing Support

Comparison of Python vs Go

1Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, functional, procedural programming language.Go is a compiled, static, open-source, and concurrent language.
2Python supports built-in concurrency.Go supports concurrency.
3Python supports inheritance.Go does not support inheritance.
4Python is a dynamically typed language. Go is a statically typed language.
5Python supports exceptions.Go does not support exceptions.
6Python is a popular programming language that is used for data science problems.Go is also a popular programming language that is used for cloud-based or service-side applications.
7Python is an object-oriented programming language that supports classes and objects.Go is not an object-oriented programming language, so it does not support classes and objects.
8Python speed is slow as compared to Go language.Go speed is Fast. Go speed is very fast as compared to python.
9Python supports a large libraryGo does not offer this support.
10In Python, we debug the code because the code is written. In python more time to spent debugging the code.Go has no error- handling because it is built for people that already know how to code.
11Python is easy to learnGo is also easy to learn
In Python developer salary is $120,358

Go Developer average salary $65,079


Python Vs Go are different languages like uses, syntax, code, readability, library, etc. Hope you like this blog, if you are confused about python vs go, don’t; worry we are available for your help. We provide the best programming help at affordable prices. Our programming experts are available 24/7 customer support. 


What is Go most used for?

  • Go language is used for cloud platforms (google cloud, amazon, and Microsoft, etc)and server-side applications.
  • It is used in artificial intelligence and data science.
  • It is used in Robotics and Gaming.

Is Go speed better than Python?

Yes, Go speed is extremely fast. Go language is much faster than python.

Is Go an object-oriented programming language?

No, Go is not an object-oriented programming language.

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