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Top 9 Important Skills for Nursing Resume

Nursing is a very challenging, responsible, and difficult job. Here in this blog, you can read skills for a nursing resume. 

Nursing is a profession of the health sector that assists the individual (sick, well), families, communities. The work of nurses contributes to the health of the patient or its recovery and quality of life.

Here we learn Nurse meaning 

N – Nobility

U – Usefulness

R -Responsibility

S -Simplicity

E -Efficiency

Skills For Nursing Resume

If you want to be successful in a nursing career then you must learn hard skills or soft skills.

1. Patient Care

Nurses have an important or unique role in patient care. Not only do nurses care about medical aspects, but they also have to care for patients’ physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Some of the points that nurses care for patients.

  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Nurse greet by patient name
  • When speaking with the patient, sit next to them in a chair
  • Listening with patient 
  • Inquire about the needs of the patients.
  • Respond to the questions.

2. Clinical & Ethical Discussion maker

  • The nurse uses critical thinking skills throughout the nursing process to provide effective care.
  • The nurse makes decisions in collaboration with the client and family.
  • She also collaborates and consults with other health professionals.

3. Protector and Comforter

  • The nurse provides a safe environment to the client
  • She takes steps to prevent injuring the client.
  • She protects the clients from every possible adverse effect of treatment.
  • She asks about any allergy to medicine or food.
  • She provides immunization against diseases.

A Comforter nurse provides comfort to the client by considering him as an individual with unique feelings and needs.

  • She motivates clients to reach therapeutic goals.
  • She promotes comfort to clients by staying near to clients.

4. Clinical Advocate

  • She Protects client’s human rights and legal right
  • She advocates the client by keeping in mind the client’s religion and culture

5. Manager

  • As a Manager Nurse coordinates the activity of other members of the healthcare team.
  • She manages the nursing care of not only one client but also a family and in the community.

6. Counsellor

  • The nurse helps the clients to recognise and cope with stressful psychological or social problems.
  • She assists the client in developing goal interpersonal relationships.

7. Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process by which an individual returns to the maximum level of functioning after the illness.

8. Checking and monitoring vital signs

Vital signs are measurements of the body that Nurses have the responsibility to check or monitor. The vital signs are:

  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Respiration

Vital signs give important information to nurses, nurses can check through important signals which treatment protocols to follow, how treatments are working and provide vital information to make life-saving decisions.

9. Communication

Communication means sharing information through verbal or nonverbal methods.

Active listening, observing, speaking, and empathizing are the abilities required for effective communication. Effective communication is an essential element of all professionals including Nursing. Nursing involves communication with clients and families and other health care professional

Nurses convey information nearby as well through documents. She Reports while shifting the client from one unit to another.


Here in this blog, You can learn skills for nursing resumes. Nursing is a challenging, responsible, and motivational Profession. Hope you like this blog, if you are facing any problem regarding Nursing Resume, Don’t worry Our experts are available for your Nursing Resume Help or Nursing Assignment Help

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