Topics For Argumentative Essay

149+ Topics For Argumentative Essay In 2023

One of the common essay writing tasks assigned to students at the time of their academics is an argumentative essay. Therefore, Before writing an argumentative essay, they need to do thorough research on the assigned topic. Gather all the relevant information and present it in a clear, compact, and brief way. 

Students feel confused while choosing topics for argumentative essay writing.

It is essential to pick a good topic for this kind of essay because the audience always wants to get more further information while reading an argumentative essay.

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There are three abilities that students must pay concentration while writing an argumentative essay.

  • Research and investigation skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good analytical skills

What makes topics for argumentative essays good?

Many students think of what makes an essay topic good, although they know what format, style is used. Essay writing is quite a simple task, but the selection of the topic is a difficult one.

Here we discuss the argumentative essay topics that will expand the audience’s mind, and they will agree on the writer’s viewpoint.

It is not necessary that you must convince the audience of your side (although it is our agenda), but just to convince them that they can start thinking about the topic or things from another perspective.

You will be surprised to know that our elder persons are so stubborn that they think that their opinion and side are right.

Argumentative essay topics are crucial because, in it, a person can debate and can show his or her perspective to the world. Why do we present the viewpoint in a certain way?

Why do we argue? To constantly be questioning and discussing, and thinking is the actual sign of learning. So, while selecting topics for an argumentative essay, you have to make sure it is debatable that helps you in mentioning your viewpoint. That makes your topic good for it.

6 Tips for writing an argumentative essay

Tips for writing an argumentative essay

The argumentative essay writing tips mainly include two concepts- passion and research.

Once you decide the topics for argumentative essay, you start searching about it and creating an outline. It will help you in creating effectively.

Here are some tips you must consider while formulating your ideas into a cohesive presentation.

1 Search for a good argument

Firstly, search for a possibly controversial argument that you will use as your base. It is a useful method to retain your audience hooked. Is there a stand you can take regarding your topic?

Honestly, the world is limited when it comes to discovering an arguable topic to show. See what people are reading about on your favorite news outlets or social media, and think about taking an interesting way to the topic.

2 Choose a topic of your passion

When you start the search for the topics for argumentative essay, you will find the various areas. However, if a topic is controversial, that means you have to write about it.

Make sure you select the topic of your passion because it will make it far more enjoyable for you to write. It is one of the important argumentative essay writing tips. 

If you choose a topic of your interest, your devotion and enthusiasm to the topic will reflect through your writing.

When there is no emotion in your argumentative essay, the audience can get distracted easily. If you don’t believe in yourself and your writing, then no one else will do.

3 Do in-depth research

While doing the research, be sure that you must read about your topic and opposing perspectives.

You are not able to mention the good arguments if you do not understand the other side’s viewpoint and from where it is coming.

That is why an argumentative essay is more laborious than other types of essay.

You not only prove your point with good information and argument, but you also have to mention why the opposing points are not valid.

The more you support your points with a good argument and support it with research, your essay will be stronger.

4 Collect all your facts

Researching is the most important tip for writing an argumentative essay. So let’s further discuss it a little bit. If there are no facts, then you consider it good? It would better if you mention the facts that support your viewpoint on a controversial topic. 

 To avoid seeming like a beginner, you require valid facts that will prove your argument. Without these facts, you are taking the risk of looking unprepared and unprofessional.  

5 Create an outline

If you do in-depth research, it will not be easy to manage your findings properly. Now students think of what must be included that helps in managing the information? This is where an outline comes into the picture. An argumentative essay outline will benefit you in layout your facts.

Keep the strongest components, and plan them out efficiently.

Make the three focus parts of your essay, i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion, and then write the subsections with bullet points.

Once you understand the information collected and make an outline like this.

6 Remember your formatting

If your argumentative essay does not have a proper outline, it will reduce the effectiveness of the possible quality argument you are trying to mention. You can write an essay by including the three broad sections-

  • Introduction

A normal essay will include the introductory paragraph, which includes your statement of belief (thesis statement), and include a bit about WHY the audience must read the essay completely.

  • Body

The essay body paragraphs contain the main essence of your arguments. This is the part where you will include the narratives, statistics, relevant facts, etc. The body paragraph is your opportunity to include several influencing tones like logic or emotional appeal, etc.

  • Conclusion

Lastly, your conclusion will include a concise summary of your complete essay. It will restate how your essay’s “essence” links back with your thesis statement and why your viewpoint is right. You can end your essay with some striking point or rhetorical question.

How to choose the best topics for argumentative essay?

The steps to choose an argumentative essay topic are as follows-

  • Write about something you are well-versed with
  • Select the subject or area you are passionate about
  • Always remember your future audience while choosing the topic and create the write-up according to their interest
  • You have to be 100% assured that the information and evidence you have provided support your points and disapprove of others’ opinions.

Best 149+ Topics For Argumentative Essay

These are the best topics to write an essay on argumentative.

Good Topics For Argumentative Essay

These are the following topics for an argumentative essay given below.

Good Topics For Argumentative Essay
Why are peoples argumentative?
Is argumentative positive or negative?
What is an argumentative attitude?
How do you deal with an argumentative person?
What does it mean if someone is argumentative?
What causes argumentative people?
Do you know the terrible faith argument?
What is a counter-argument?
Explain good argument crossword.
What are the inductive argument examples?
Makes savage comebacks in an argument?
How to win an argument?

Controversial Topics For Argumentative Essay

Do you want to know the best controversial topics for argumentative essays? If yes, choose the best topic to prepare your paper from these topics.

  • Is a controversial opinion good for argument?
  • Why is it called controversy?
  • Do controversy and argument are same?
  • What tips for managing a crisis or controversy on social media?
  • How do you respond to controversy?
  • Why does controversy happen?
  • How can we avoid controversy?
  • Why do we like controversy?
  • Does controversial topics taught in school?
  • Is digital technology making children’s lives better?
  • Is debate good for students?

Topics For Argumentative Essay College

These are some best argumentative essay topic ideas for college students.

Topics For Argumentative Essay College
Is social media bad for children?
Is feminism still important?
Are all people entitled to free health care?
Should the drinking age be lowered?
Has society made the required reparations for slavery?
Are printed books better than e-readers?
Are men and women equally emotional?
Is climate change the most serious threat to the world?
Is it worth exploring space?
Are parents responsible for childhood obesity?
Are all college majors equally important?
Should elections be decided by popular vote?

Topics For Argumentative Essay For High School

You can choose the best topics for an argumentative essay from these given topics. It is such as;

Topics For Argumentative Essay For High School
Is climate change a real threat?
Will AI help the world or hurt it?
Is social media bad for relationships?
Do you think that businesses be required to hire for diversity?
Do you think that the electoral college should be abolished?
Are women and men treated equally?
Do you think that parents get in trouble for truancy if kids don’t go to school?
Do you think that all new cars be electric?
Are wind farms benefitting the environment and economy?
Do you think that the minimum wage should be raised?

Interesting Topics For Argumentative Essay

Here are some interesting topics for argumentative essay.

  • How is technology affecting social media?
  • Is social media connected to technology?
  • What is the role of technology and social media in our lives?
  • Why are school debates important?
  • Is it a bad idea to use your DNA for genealogy?
  • Do you think that schools are required to offer art courses?
  • Do you think that people should be allowed to burn the flag?
  • Is the US falling behind other nations in terms of education?
  • Do you think that everyone should go to college?
  • Do you think parents should decide they don’t want medical treatment for their kids?
  • Do the actions of a nation’s leader influence the activities of the people?

Sports Topics For Argumentative Essay

These are the best sports topics for argumentative essay.

Sports Topics For Argumentative Essay
Are sports good or bad?
How do sports impact your life?
How do sports benefit people?
Can sports Change Your life?
How do sports affect society?
What is the power of sport?
How do sports affect students’ life?
What are the 10 social benefits of sports?
How sports can change the world?
What is the role of sports in education?
How do sports inspire us?
How sports can reduce stress?

Research Topics For Argumentative Essay

Follow the below-given research topics for argumentative essays.

Research Topics For Argumentative Essay
Should cell phones be banned from vehicles?
Should parents limit screen time for kids?
Should social media be banned from gathering their users’ data?
Why do students need pocket money?
Are video games promote sexism or violence?
Are printed books best than e-readers?
Is it worth exploring space?
Does campaign finance reform work?
Should abortion be banned?
Is America ready for a female president?

Politics Topics For Argumentative Essay

Here are the following possible topics for argumentative essay.

Politics Topics For Argumentative Essay
Is capitalism ethical?
Are governments around the world doing enough to combat global warming?
Is war always a political decision?
Should the death penalty be legal?
Should Supreme Court justices be selected?
Is the electoral college an effective system?
Should people join a political party?
Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

Healthcare Topics For Argumentative Essay

Follow the below-given topics to know the best healthcare argumentative topics for an essay.

Healthcare Topics For Argumentative Essay
Is healthcare a primary human right?
Is it ethical to function medical experiments on animals?
Should patients who lead suffering deny lifestyle organ transplants?
Should abortion be legal?
Should parents be capable of selecting typical genetic changes for their future youths?
Are there any events under which physician-assisted suicides should be legal?
Should vaccinations be required for children?
Should doctors be capable of providing medical care to children against their parent’s wishes?
What causes the stigma around mental health?
What is healthy lifestyle?

Controversial topics for argumentative essay

  • Is politics good for a career?
  • Is a gun license compulsory to keep it?
  • Animals must not be used for experiments.
  • Is the death penalty helps in the control of crime?

Great argumentative essay topics

  • Everyone must have a right to get higher education.
  • Are humans interference with the environment the reason for climate change?
  • Is french the simplest language to learn? 
  • Can we consider art as a profession?

The popular topics for argumentative essay

  • More access to the Internet has a negative impact on the student’s study.
  • Is a competitive exam good for students?
  • Is school uniform compulsory for students?
  • Today, girls get more jealous of other girls.

Essay topics for middle school

  • Does the time table help students in managing time?
  • Students must get enough sleep.
  • Children should avoid horror films.
  • Parents must support their children in fulfilling their dreams.

Essay topics for college

  • The appropriate age for voting.
  • The government must ban energetic drinks.
  • Is more practical knowledge must be included in education?
  • Sports activities help in student’s growth.
  • Is admission made without any reservation?

Engaging essay topics for high school

  • Is there any change in child behavior these days?
  • Do students get the education of equality for everyone?
  • Nowadays, materialistic things are the criteria for measuring humanity.
  • Today, students become more aggressive because of violent video games.

Topics for an argumentative essay related to sports

  • NCAA harms the academic development of student-athletes.
  • Steroids must be banned.
  • Is too much money spent on sports?
  • Female students must be encouraged to take part in sports.

Education-related essay topics

  • Everyone has a right to get a higher education.
  • Does gender play an important role in education?
  • How does parents’ poverty influence the child’s learning?
  • The standardized test must be included in the education system.

Medical-related essay topics

  • The medical system must not depend on religious belief.
  • Doctors cannot take a case of plastic surgery on teenagers without parents’ concern.
  • Doctors must always be available for the treatment of people.
  • Does obesity among children become a headache for parents?

Argumentative essay topics related to music

  • Can lyrics affect the mind of the person?
  • Music is an art that gives immense peace to people.
  • Violent lyrics create violent behavior among people.
  • Music in the workspace creates a disturbance in work, right or wrong.

Psychology essay topics

  • Our elders think boys and girls friendship is not good.
  • Should boys be defended from feminist blame?
  • Depression is the cause of the main illness in society.
  • Do parents promote gender stereotypes?

Technology related essay topics

  • Is online dating the cause of lack of emotions among youngsters?
  • Technology affects the creativity of a person.
  • Technologies increase loneliness among people.
  • Is technology harms education?

 Philosophy essay topics

  • Moral rules control people.
  • Should abortion get approval by the government?
  • Should patriotism get value?
  • Are people kind or destructive by nature?

Essay topics regarding animals

  • Zoos are safe for animals.
  • Using leather must be unethical.
  • Is it OK for people to maintain fascinating pets?
  • Stop the promotion of animal fashion.

Essay topics related to immigration

  • Immigration boosts the economy of the country.
  • Immigration increases terrorism.

Conclusion (Topics For Argumentative Essay)

Many students think of topics for argumentative essays for their academic papers. They get confused about what to take or not? I hope from the above discussion; you will get help in choosing the appropriate topic for your argumentative essay. 

Sometimes students face difficulty in writing the essay. For it, you must follow the above tips to write an excellent argumentative essay. Still, you face problems in writing an argumentative essay;

then you can take help from our experienced experts. Our writers are always available for your help and provide you the complete guidance in writing it.

Don’t wait and take our argumentative essay help as and when required!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Types of Argumentative Essay Writing?

These are analysis essays, persuasive essays, personal essays, research essays, casual essays, etc.

What Is an argumentative essay?

The argumentative essay is included as one of the best categories of writing that needs the student to investigate a topic; gather, generate, and evaluate evidence; and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner.

What is a good argumentative statement?

A strong thesis statement for an argument essay expresses a clear role in the issue. The thesis usually has a word or phrase that signals an opinion, such as should, ought to, need to, have an obligation to, or even must or had better.

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